Meridian, MS, is a captivating city in King County with a variety of appeals and things to do for visitors and tourists alike. People of all eras and tastes can appreciate this stunning city. Here you can look for records, diverse and rich cultures, and various sources of entertainment.

Remember to adore the untouched beauty of nature. You can even relax at the parks or have a memorable picnic. So, plan a family holiday and watch exciting concerts and plays performed by local artists.

Things to Do in Meridian, MS

These are some of the most suitable things to do in Meridian, MS.

1- Track the Soule Steam Feed Works

The Soule Steam Feed Works is a historic firm established in 1891 by George Soule. This complex includes several structures. It shows the industrial legacy of the city. Various appliances, engines, and tools are used to assemble steam engines, boilers, oil pumps, sawmills, and cotton machines.

Soule Steam Feed Works
Soule Steam Feed Works

You can also understand the many patented inventions. Soule and his employees developed these patents. This complex is now operated under the Mississippi Industrial Heritage Museum. It organizes a yearly Soule Live Steam Festival in the last months of the year. Therefore, the museum is usually off for two days for restoration.

2- Performing arts at the MSU Riley Center

The MSU Riley Center is a performing arts camp. It presents the city’s artistic, creative, cultural, and academic affairs. The center is lodged in a reformed Grand Opera House. These events have been conducted since 1890. The hall has a seating capacity of nine-fifty seats. It features modern sound and display systems. This center organizes multiple events yearly. Enjoy the concerts, skits, stand-up comedy, and lessons.

You can also appreciate the exhibitions and shows in the hall and the conference room. It is a portion of the Mississippi State University’s Meridian campus. Yet, it operates as a platform for educational programs and society outreach. Remember to scan the upcoming occasions and purchase tickets online.

3- Visit the Mansion of Merrehope

Merrehope is a 26-room Victorian estate. It was constructed in 1858 by Richard McLemore for his daughter. The villa is a rare surviving residence from the Civil War era in the city. It served as an office for generals during the battle. It was renovated and extended multiple times by various owners. Later, it reached its present state in 1904.

Mansion of Merrehope
Mansion of Merrehope

Further, it has a carved ruby mirror, thirteen chimneys, a huge balcony, and beautifully carved stairs. The city’s Restoration Foundation now holds it. It serves as a historic house gallery. You can walk along the villa and see it decorated for Christmas events.

4- Explore the Jimmie Rodgers Festival and Museum

The Jimmie Rodgers Festival and Museum praise the life and heritage of Jimmie Rodgers. He was famous as the Father of Country Music. Further, he was born in 1897 and was the most convincing singer of the 20th century. He videoed around 100 tunes between 1927 and 1933, blending music genres. He died at age 35, but his melody lives for his fans.

The event is carried out every year to celebrate his birthday. It includes live concerts by local and nationwide artists. The gallery displays his music profession and timeless gems. It includes his initial guitar and railway tools. Thus, you can enjoy this event by paying a minute entry fee. It is ideal for music buffs.

5- Trek at the Meridian Civil War Trail

The Meridian Civil War Trail is a suggested tour, outlining the history of the city during the Civil War. The path includes almost sixteen tags located at different sites of historical value. You can locate the events directed to General Sherman’s raid on the city in February 1864. It ruined most of the city’s structures and railway lines.

Meridian Civil War Trail
Meridian Civil War Trail

You can also know about the people who lived and battled during the war. Further, this path covers nearly four miles and takes almost two hours to finish by walking or motorcar. You can download a flyer with a map and reports of each path. Collect facts from their website or pick any hotel or site.

6- Records at St. Patrick Catholic Church

St. Patrick Catholic Church is an adorable place. It was founded in 1866 by Irish settlers who came to work on the railway. The church structure dates around 1906. It is a lovely example of Gothic Revival architecture, created by Alfred Zucker. This church has a deep past of serving society, mainly the poor. It has been working on social justice topics, like civil duties, immigration, and teaching.

Yet, this church is an element of the Catholic community of the city. It includes St. Joseph and his parishes. Moreover, this site gives different ministries and activities for its various loyal members. Therefore, it is where individuals can undergo God’s love and dignity in a warm and joyful setting.

7- Swing at The Dentzel Carousel

The Dentzel Carousel is a carousel made in 1896 by Gustav Dentzel. He was a head carousel designer from Germany. The carousel has fifty handmade wooden animals. These complex structures include horses, lions, tigers, rabbits, and cats. It also has two carts and a group that plays live music.

The Dentzel Carousel
The Dentzel Carousel

Moreover, it was initially exhibited in 1904 and later dealt to the city, where it has been used since 1909. Now, it is in Highland Park, and you can ride it for half a dollar per person. Enjoy the charm of this antique site.

8- Shop at the Bonita Lakes Mall

Bonita Lakes Mall is a local shopping mall, including a combination of stores and services for the shopping conditions. You can see famous brands and enjoy discounts. You can also relish a meal or a drink at the Oasis Food Court. After shopping, visit the nearby McAlister’s Deli or Las Fuentes Mexican Restaurant.

You can see a film at the five-star theatre if you want enjoyment. Yet, you can visit the Bonita Lakes Crossing for more choices, like the Bonita Lakes Park. It is a 1700-acre park with stunning views of two lakes, wooded hiking and biking paths, and fishing. You can also find picnic sites and exercise spots in this park.

9- Fun at the Children’s Museum of Idaho

The Children’s Museum of Idaho is a point for kids and families. They play for exploration in surroundings and ventures created just for them. The gallery has interactive displays that cover different themes, from art to health. You can paint a canvas in the art gallery, make a Lego product in the Lego space, or act as a doctor.

Children's Museum of Idaho
Children’s Museum of Idaho

You can discover how processes work in the STEM lab or enjoy a novel and a craft in the report room. The gallery also has an outdoor playground with a fountain. Play with a sandbox, and trek a climbing wall. Thus, you can enjoy numerous activities at an all-in-one place with an entry fee of $10.

10- Venture at Mississippi Arts Center

The Mississippi Arts Center is a cultural base. It shows the state’s arts and recreation assistance in every creative field. The center has a gallery that shows exhibitions and antiques related to the state’s artists and entertainers. You can likewise see the Mississippi Walk of Fame. It honors notable personalities with bronze stars on the sidewalk.

The center also organizes events. It includes shows, musicals, sports, comedy plays, lectures, and classes yearly in its auditorium and meeting hub. Thus, the center is open except Sundays for the keeping services.


Meridian is a captivating city full of attractions and interests. It has something to offer to every one according to their liking. You can study its rich and breathtaking history. In the cultural events, you can undergo its profound culture. Remember to have fun and sports at its various attractions or chill in its attractive parks. It is an ideal place for a weekend escape or a holiday. You will have things to do in Meridian, MS.

FAQs on Things to Do in Meridian, MS

What are the directions for visiting this city?

Review the temperature before you move to pack your bag. It has moist subtropical weather with a hot summer season and temperate winters. Plan your family holiday and reserve your tickets online. Remember to see the Mississippi Walk of Fame.

What are the most suitable seasons to visit this lovely city?

The best seasons to visit this city are fall and spring, respectively. It is when the weather is excellent, and the vegetation is colorful. Avoid going in the summer season, as it has a scorching temperature. If you want to avoid the public and enjoy lower costs, visit in winter.

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