We welcome you to Provo, Utah, where natural beauty, rich history, and culture await you. You will enjoy this place if you’re an outdoor person and for seeking exciting events. As a history fan or a food lover, Provo covers various elements for travelers.

Things to Do in Provo

This article will include the top sites and activities that make it a must-visit place!

1- Dig History at Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum

The Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum in Provo is a beautiful place for history and nature lovers. You will return in time after seeing the vast collection of models of preserved animals. Various great dinosaur skeletons to exotic insects stand in the museum. It offers a splendid look into the diversity of life on Earth. Active educational shows provide learning about advancing biology and the past.

Tourists of all ages can enjoy and learn about various ecosystems and protection steps. The museum also organizes events, workshops, and educational programs annually. Visit this museum if you are a developing scientist interested in the natural world. Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum will be an informative and enjoyable experience.

Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum
Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum

2- Have a picnic at Provo Canyon

Provo Canyon is an exciting destination with a perfect environment for a relaxing picnic. It is located at a quick drive from Provo. The canyon is between two tall mountains, leafy forests, and the fresh Provo River. Pack a delicious lunch and find a cozy spot along the riverbank. The keepers of the park have fixed a picnic spot.

Breathe in the fresh air and listen to the soft sounds of nature. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere during your meal. Now it’s time to walk along the twisted paths or dip your toes in the cool river water. If you are a photographer, capture lovely photos of the surrounding sites. Provo Canyon is a peaceful oasis where you can run from the rush of city life and live in the moment.

3- Enjoy the Waterfall at Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls is a unique hidden gem that will surprise you. The waterfall is 607 feet high. This magnificent waterfall flows down the mountain, creating a stunning sight. You will get a mild sprinkle on your face as you come close to the waterfall.

The relaxing sound of rushing water is just different. Capture pretty pictures or take a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature. If you want adventure, you can walk up to the ground of the waterfalls or enjoy it. Bridal Veil Falls is a view to look at with family and friends. Remember to seal your camera and spend some time in the existence of this natural wonder.

Bridal Veil Falls
Bridal Veil Falls

4- Review Academics at Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University is recognized for its educational merit and campus energy. This institute is one of the top-ranked universities in Provo. BYU offers different programs and courses in numerous fields of study. The campus is a place of activities, modern facilities, giant buildings, and a welcoming environment.

Step into the campus and look at the gardens, buildings, and stunning mountain sights. If you want to learn about the university’s history, visiting the BYU Museum of Art is highly suggested. The university focuses on encouraging a stable society and providing a complete education. BYU is a center where students can grow mentally, spiritually, and personally.

5- Premier Shopping at Provo Towne Centre

Enter Provo Towne Centre, a grand shopping mall. This mall offers several wholesale shops, dining choices, and entertainment venues. You’ll find everything from famous brands to unique local shops in this mall of almost 100 shops. Shop for fashionable clothes, jewelry, home appliances, and more. Pause shopping and meet your food desires at one of the marts.

Buy a delicious meal at one of the multiple cafes or grab a snack from one of the food court sellers. Provo Towne Centre organizes various social events, like shows, art displays, and holiday festivals. This market is now open all day for citizens and travelers, especially kids. Whether you’re looking for a thing or want a shopping day, it offers an enjoyable wholesale experience.

Provo Towne Centre
Provo Towne Centre

6- Stylish Dining at Station 22 Cafe

Station 22 Cafe is a trendy dining spot known for its tasty American meals with a modern twist. This restaurant is located in the spirit of downtown Provo offering a warm environment to its customers. The place is well known for its quality and portion of meals at a more affordable price.

The menu includes a list of delicious plates made with fresh spices and components. Each dish is prepared with care and detail, from their famous chicken to savory burgers. Vegetarian and sugar-free choices among new drinks are also available. Enjoy your dinner with a coffee, or choose from a pack of international beers. Station 22 Cafe is a must-visit dining place for food lovers and those seeking culinary delight in Provo.

7- Respect Arts at Covey Center for the Arts

Immerse yourself in Provo’s rich performing arts center at the Covey Center for the Arts. This modern place organizes dramatic productions, musical concerts, dances, and art exhibitions annually. The shows include musical skits, thoughtful dramas, and recognizing local productions. Something exciting is always happening in their stages.

The center promotes and helps local talent, providing a forum for rising artists and famous performers. The theatre offers an unforgettable experience with its modern facilities and performance spaces. Whether you’re a theater lover or simply looking for a night of joy, check the event calendar and see a show.

Covey Center for the Arts
Covey Center for the Arts

8- Buying Local Goods from Provo Farmers Market

Adopt the deep local culture and help local farmers by seeing the Provo Farmers Market. The market sellers have the most increased profit during the warmer months. This active market is a gem of fresh produce, handmade art, traditional goods, and delicious food. Walk to the shops and find different fruits, vegetables, honey, bakeries, flowers, and more.

Talk with friendly sellers, know about their products, and taste the flavors of local ingredients. The market also shows live music performances, and family-friendly actions, creating a lively atmosphere. The Provo Farmers Market offers an entertaining shopping experience with flavors and energy.

9- Catch a fish at Provo River

Provo River is perfect for fishing fans, offering different chances to catch fish. This river is famous for its trout population, attracting anglers from everywhere. Hold your fishing kit, fly a rod, or spin it and head to one of the access points of the river. The Provo River mixes faster water flows with various fishing conditions.

Cast your rope and try to catch a trout or a different fish type. If you’re new to fishing, consider hiring a local guide to teach and help you to the best fishing areas. The river offers visitors an exciting fishing experience, fresh air, and a peaceful atmosphere.

Provo River
Provo River

10- Want Hiking at Mount Timpanogos

Let’s have a hiking adventure at Mount Timpanogos, one of the most famous peaks in the area. This vast mountain stands at 11,752 feet and shows stunning views and landscapes. One of the most popular hiking tracks is the Timpooneke Trail. It takes you on an imaginary trip through colorful flower fields and a rushing waterfall.

As you climb up, you’ll be surrounded by eye-catching views of the mountains and valleys. The hike is challenging and needs energy, proper kit, and practice, but the experience is fantastic. Do check weather conditions and track updates before setting out for hiking. Whether you’re a skilled hiker or a beginner, hiking Mount Timpanogos is an event not to be missed.


To sum up, Provo offers various experiences for travelers and citizens. You can find beautiful national parks and engage in the city’s arts and entertainment settings. There is always a collection of things to do in Provo. In Provo, you will cover adventure, peace, culture, or a taste of local food. Start planning your trip to this unique city and create memories that will stay a lifetime.

FAQs on Things to do in Provo

Is Provo the right place to go with families and friends?

Clearly! Provo is an ideal place for activities for family and friends. Visit the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum, Thanksgiving Point complex, or spend a day at the Seven Peaks Waterpark. There are multiple choices for children in Provo.

Is there any daytime travel choice in Provo?

Yes, there are various day travel options in Provo. You can explore the lovely scene of the nearby Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. You can visit the great Timpanogos Cave National Monument or walk through the Alpine Loop. These sites offer beautiful pictures and options for nature lovers in a short time.

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