There are always a bunch of things to do in Tupelo, MS. You will have the best experience in one of the most modern cities in the United States.

Grabbing a meal is one of the prime reasons to visit Tupelo, MS. And luckily for you, we have selected the 11 best places to eat in Tupelo ms. Let’s start the article and explore Mississippi’s food variety to visitors.

Things To Do In Tupelo MS – 11 Best Restaurants In Tupelo MS

If you’re visiting Mississippi and looking for fine restaurants to dine in, we got these top 11 picks that you will recommend. 

1- Denver’s

For all the vegetarian people who want to get the most out of Mississippi, we would love to recommend the best local restaurant named Denver’s. It’s not a high-end and fancy restaurant, but the best thing is you will enjoy a real-life natural experience by eating with local people.

Denver's Restaurants
Denver’s Restaurants

They make the best salad which is also their specialty both for its quality and quantity. Burger and fries guys will also like this place very much. You will also enjoy the catfish dish if you’re into eating seafood. A great time to visit this restaurant is at breakfast, and you will love the classic food.

2- Blue Canoe Bar & Grill

Are you eating with musical night? Or a musical date with a grilled dinner? Both of these things sound very love-mouth-watering! Tupelo has been one of the best eating places in Mississippi, and if you want to listen to some live music as well, go straight and visit the Blue Canoe Bar and Grill.

You will have more than enough options to choose your drink (over a hundred flavors of Beer).

  1. Bread Pudding 
  2. Burgers
  3. Caribbean Edamame
  4. Cheesecake 
  5. Crawfish Pesto Pasta
  6. Grilled Salmon 
  7. Musician Wraps 
  8. Wings

You can get one of the best thrilling music performances here and love this place like hell!

3- Neon Pig Café

Neon Pig Café
Neon Pig Café

Want to grab some fresh Pigs? We got the best place to spice up your taste. Neon pig café offers pig meats and provides the best fish soups, shrimp, and seafood. They always give the fresh meat that they transport from the nearby local farms every day, and all food is homemade from the very own restaurant’s kitchen!

This place is also amiable for vegans and vegetarians. Following are the best dish you will anyway find there:

  • Trish Bowl
  • Veggie Plate
  • Veggies Wrap

Apart from this, a delicious turkey dinner is also served there, and you have to taste this item! This is one of our favorites.

4- Pizza vs. Tacos

Can’t decide whether you want tacos or a pizza? We got one of the best pizza-tacos joints for you that will blow your mind. This restaurant has one of the best dishes: a combined tacos-pizza combo, and fans already find it the best.

Pizza Tacos
Pizza Tacos

Otherwise, they offer the regular menu of pizza and tacos like:

Roasted CauliflowerJerk Chicken
Classic BarbecueFried Pickle
Street Tacos. IChicken Bacon Ranch
Pizza vs. Tacos

5- Fairpark Grill

Don’t get intrigued by the name of this restaurant, as there’s no actual park in the restaurant. But the fantastic taste of this restaurant’s food will make you forget this fantasy mistake. We recommend this restaurant to be visited at the end of the day when you’re exhausted by a hectic town exploration.

Although their lunch and dinner items have the best, such as salads, burgers, catfish, and fries, that’s not the final list. You can get one of the most delicious eggs and the best steaks. If you’re going on a date, the available wines here are much diversified. So you will get the best out of it alongside it foo!

6- Johnnie’s Drive-In

Did you know that one of the American kings has been into famous restaurants like Johnnie’s Drive-in Hotel? Yes, Johnnie’s Drive-In is the restaurant we will discuss here. King Elvis was there in his car and had dinner there.

Johnnie's Drive-in Hotel
Johnnie’s Drive-in Hotel

You will love the drive-through system of this hotel here and find a couple of great dishes here. Dinner, breakfast, and lunch all things are all delicious and will blow your mind away. So don’t go anywhere else, and start dining at the Johnnie’s Drive-In today!

7- Kermit’s Soul Kitchen

It is excellent for the people who want to eat fresh meat from the local farms from the farmers. Mostly, it happens that fast-food chains hotels will offer food that’s been stocked and refrigerated, but at Kermit’s soup kitchen, you’ll have everything fresh, fresh, and fresh!

So don’t look any further if you want to enjoy a delicious meal but don’t want to compromise health. Kermit’s Soul Kitchen is the best for you!

8- Park Heights Restaurant

For a premium experience with VIP rooms, Park Heights Restaurant is our first choice in the Mississippi downtown.

Park Heights Restaurant
Park Heights Restaurant

But there’s a problem: you can only have a fabulous dinner and not lunch or breakfast there, so don’t forget to make your reservations before you arrive at the restaurant. It’s one of the top-rated restaurants for a charming and romantic date!

9- D’Casa

D’Casa is one of the best restaurants that we will be discussing here. It has all the good features that a high-end restaurant must have. That’s why we have many personal recommendations for this dinner place. Additionally, if you love Tex-Mex food, this place will be the best one for you.

Here are some of the top picks for you:

  • Burritos
  • Churrasco Chicken
  • Fajitas
  • Mexican Fries
  • Quesadillas
  • Tacos
  • Torta Mexicana

10- Cafe 212

If you’re stopping during your ride to MS at lunch, Café 212 is an excellent pick for anyone. They have the finest sandwiches and drinks that you haven’t ever had! Their taste is very delicious, which is the reason for the popularity.

Café 212
Café 212

The place is very packed during lunchtime, which is a frustrating thing sometimes.

11- Bulldog Burger Company

It’s not like eating the bulldogs in real, but the burgers they sell at Bulldog Burger Company are the best you will find in MS. Take your family with you, and have a blast at this restaurant, as their burger variety and taste is far beyond anyone else in the town.

Final Verdict: Things To Do In Tupelo MS

If you’re looking for things to do in Tupelo, MS, the first thing will be eating food. Luckily, there are numerous restaurants where you can eat your dinner in MS. We have searched for the 11 best restaurants to eat in Mississippi. Let us know which of these you liked the most.



What are the best things to do in Tupelo? 

Well, there’s the Elvis Presley birthplace and museum, for starters. It’s a pretty cool place to visit if you’re into that kind of thing.

There’s also a great theater downtown called The Lyric that often has some pretty good shows going on. And if you’re looking for something a little more outdoorsy, there’s always Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo. They’ve got all kinds of animals native to Mississippi, as well as some pretty cool exhibits on American bison.

What’s the local cuisine like in Tupelo?

The local cuisine in Tupelo is a mix of Southern and Midwestern staples. You can find dishes like fried chicken, catfish, pulled pork, and biscuits and gravy. There are also a few Mexican restaurants in town and a couple of pizza places.

What’s the nightlife like in Tupelo?

There’s a pretty good nightlife scene in Tupelo. There are plenty of bars and clubs, and most places stay open until at least 2 am. If you’re looking to party, Tupelo is the place to be.