Travelers want to strike the ideal balance between price and comfort concerning lengthy flights. While most tourists might choose Economy class, many others want to spend more for a pleasant trip. United, one of the largest airlines in the world, realizes this demand and provides visitors with a high-end travel choice. United Airlines fills the gap between its corporate and first classes by providing cheap flight tickets. Extra legroom and cozy seating options contrast United Premium Plus vs Economy Plus. Depending on their budget, travelers can upgrade to Economy or Premium Plus anytime during the booking or check-in.

United Premium Plus Vs Economy Plus

Whenever you want to travel via cheap or expensive flights, you must compare the comforts of United Premium Plus vs Economy Plus flights.


Despite all visitors travelling in the same cabin, the main disparity between United Premium Plus vs Economy Plus is improved legroom on both flights. In United Premium Plus seats, tourists can enjoy up to seven more inches of legroom in the front of the economy cabin.


The Economy Plus seat has standard economy seats and six extra inches. However, extra charges are applied to choose legroom in Economy Plus. Hence, Premium Plus seats have an extra three inches compared to regular seats.


A larger screen, bedding, and a single power outlet are some basic facilities at Premium Plus. A USB charger and flexible footrests are just a few extras offered by Premium Plus seats. Apart from all this, bookings for Economy Plus seats are free for Premier members.

Further, the tourists can partake in a drop in flight prices. It is free to sign up and collect points that may be used for travel bonuses. Free use of Economy Plus for travelers and one companion at check-in is for silver users. Thus, Premier 1K and Premier Platinum have free signups in Economy Plus and up to eight bookings at a time.


Tourists with Premium Plus tickets are entitled to better dining options on some overseas flights. On premium plus routes, they are also given a hot meal and alcohol. On domestic flights, however, Economy Plus must pay for premium snacks.

Economy Plus Service
Economy Plus Service

Moreover, Economy Plus offers a bag check-in option for up to two tickets. It is situated near first-class seating, while economy-plus seats are in the regular economy cabin. On premium plus routes, it offers free alcoholic drinks. It has more legroom than standard economy seats. Still, the cost of these seats is higher than that of chosen seats.

Subscription Plan

Using your account, you might pay to upgrade a business class or economy seat to a premium economy seat at the time of booking or any point before arrival. The length of your United flights will determine whether or not you should subscribe to switch to Economy Plus. Any trip exiting within the year can upgrade from Economy Plus with a one-year membership.

In addition, domestic travel starts at $599 and goes up to $799 for foreign travel. The cost is $799 to $999 per person and one companion. Domestic fares cost $1,099, and other flights cost $1,299 for one individual and up to eight companions.

Baggage and Boarding

Travelers paying a United Premium Plus fare receive two extra checked bags and a set bin for a carry-on bag. Tourists traveling in this economy can even elect foreign and US intercity flights. So, three normal economy tourists with co-branded credit card holders board the plane first for Economy Plus.

Baggage and Boarding
Baggage and Boarding

Likewise, travelers using United’s premium economy class can now check up to two bags for free, saving them up to $160 each way. Premier Access is a special service for passengers traveling with United Premium Plus. Hence, it offers priority luggage handling, priority boarding, and special security lanes.

Seat Selection

The Economy Plus seats on domestic flights are before first class; on foreign flights, both cabins are behind Premium Plus seats. If you bought an Economy Plus ticket, choosing an Economy Plus seat is free of charge. With a 19-inch broad and a 38-inch seat pitch, Premium Plus seats provide clients extra legroom, elbow room, and recline.

Further, that’s about seven and a half inches of room with power outlets and USB charging ports. Economy Plus seats are more spacious and have a higher pitch than regular economy class seats. This relaxes the flight by providing extra space for travelers to spread their legs and unwind.

Earning Rates

Every dollar you spend on your ticket offers the same miles if you travel in Economy Plus. You will travel more miles because your ticket is probably more costly. Miles are earned by MileagePlus members based on the price of a ticket, not the distance traveled.

Earning Rates
Earning Rates

In addition, only the base fare is considered to accrue awards. They have Premier status, which facilitates a doubling of miles. Travelers on United Airlines accrue redeemable miles at various rates, which all begin at $1.

Benefits Of Cabin & Lounge

Discounted United Club passes are available to Premium Plus ticket holders on certain flights. Travelers who are planning a multi-stop flight may find the option to acquire a lounge card very appealing. To ensure entry, you can buy a pass while making a booking.

Further, these front-row seats in United Airlines’ economy class offer more space than regular economy class seats. The cabin’s design prioritizes passenger comfort, creating a calmer and more serene aura throughout the journey.

Wi-Fi & In-Flight Entertainment

Nearly all United Airlines aircraft have high-speed internet available. It allows browsing social media platforms, chat apps, and online stores. With the seats, you can view your favorite movies and shows on the 13-inch TV display. So never worry if you ever forget your devices. Thus, you can get bedding and noise-canceling headphones on long foreign flights.

Wi-Fi & In-Flight Entertainment
Wi-Fi & In-Flight Entertainment

Fare Flexibility/Ticket Changes

Free shifts and cancellations are available for any United ticket booked in economy or higher class of service. It includes travel to the US, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Further, you won’t be charged any change fees if your foreign trip starts in the US. You will get a future travel credit if you cancel a qualifying booking.


A United Economy Plus ticket can be upgraded to first class for domestic travel. Premium Plus is for high-end worldwide travel, and Polaris is for global travel. When logged into your account, you can spend MileagePlus miles or pay a fee from the “My Trips” page. Apart from all this, this account allows you to get a discount on every ticket.

Credit Cards And Elite Status

For tourists and one fellow booked on the same reservation, Premier Silver and Premier Gold members can upgrade their economy seats to Economy Plus on local and global trips. The same benefits are available to Premier Platinum and Premier 1K members, but they can book up to eight companions together.

Premier Gold Members
Premier Gold Members

Further, Economy Plus seating is available to United travelers at the Premier Gold level. In addition, make bookings for Premier Silver members while checking in. Premier members also get priority access at airports and free checked baggage. As long as you use your credit card to pay for the ticket, you can receive up to two checked bags as a United credit card holder.

The Bottom Line

Priority boarding is another benefit of Economy Plus, and it comes with a ticket in the cabin. Travelers in the United Premium Plus vs Economy Plus will enter the aircraft among the first groups, giving them time to locate the room in the baggage hold for their carry-on bags and rest into their seats ahead of other passengers. Tourists will be able to select their preferred places to sit. This implies they can select a seat that best suits their needs when purchasing tickets.

FAQs About United Premium Vs Economy Plus

Can you get a refund for your United Economy Plus seat?

Suppose you purchase United Premium Plus vs Economy Plus with your flight and cancel within 24 hours. If your plans change and you have a refunded ticket, you can get your money back. However, upgrading from Economy to Premium Plus does not offer a refund.

Is United Premium Plus the same as domestic first class?

If you are familiar with United’s domestic first-class seat, this Premium Plus seat will feel close to its size. On long-haul travels, Premium Plus seats have adjustable leg rests, footrests, a power outlet, and a USB charger to provide some comfort.

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