Are you looking for a few hints for what to do in Malta during a family trip? There is no need to worry as this place suits every tourist’s interest. Malta is ideal for vacation if you admire nature, artwork, churches, history, and cultures. The schedule is usually jam-packed with events and sights for a few days. Even if you only have three to five days on the island, it is still possible to manage these activities wisely. Travelers driving in Malta should not miss a journey to the Maltese Islands. It offers a multitude of sights to suit every kind of vacationer’s needs.

What to Do in Malta

If you are wondering what to do in Malta, explore its rich past, stunning coasts, and lively nightlife. Never miss out on Malta’s appeal when assessing European cities to visit.

1- Stroll to Valletta City Center

Walking around Valletta’s walk-only city center is a favorite pastime for tourists. People enjoy themselves while dining at the tables along the little streets. They shop at nearby stores and can eat desserts at the local gelateria. The city center is large and features several stores, eateries, an art museum, and a Roman Catholic church.

Valletta City Center
Valletta City Center

Further, travelers can have a meal and enjoy a good time on the streets at night. The streets will provide a spectacular experience because they are fully lit and create a lively ambiance. Thus, the massive fountain stands before the main gates and will greet you as you enter.

2- Rest Along The Lower Barrakka Gardens

The Lower Barrakka Gardens is a beautiful park with tables, a pond, and views of the memorial across the street. In the middle of the park, the stunning Neoclassical Monument to Sir Alexander Bal is covered by palm trees. Further, the Siege Bell War Memorial is a magnificent bell tower.

Likewise, it features a circular dome supported by columns. These gardens offer fantastic views, and you may even stroll around them. If you want to grab something to eat, there’s a tiny cafe and snack bar outside the gardens’ entrance.

3- Overlook The Sunset From The Sliema Seaside

Sliema is on the other side, away from the Three Cities and across the street. So, the ferry voyage takes about five minutes to reach it. The number of stores, eateries, and people here indicates the city’s density. Some good eateries are nearby if you’re searching for a classy supper with sea views.

The Sliema Seaside
The Sliema Seaside

Apart from all this, as you stroll to Tigne Point, the Sliema point, descend the stairs to the sea-level stone. From here, you may see breathtaking views of the cityscape. Remember to stay until dusk to watch the sunshine as the golden hour turns blue.

4- Value Art At The Museum Of Fine Arts

The pristine and modern Museum of Fine Arts is in the center of Valletta. Most paintings at this modest museum are Maltese; you could even recognize some buildings. The building has several stories.

Moreover, after crossing the bustling streets, walk through a peaceful area to stroll through the artwork. A visit to the museum costs 10 euros per person and takes one to two hours. However, it also depends on how long you look at the art.

5- Visit The Upper Barrakka Gardens

The Lower and Upper Barrakka Gardens are close to one another. An official gun salute is held twice daily, between 12 and 4 p.m. Tickets are available for subsurface viewing of the cannons in the gardens. You can plan to go to the Three Cities and Fort St. Angelo from this garden.

There is also a snack bar in the gardens to get food and drinks and sit at a table. It’s a great area to unwind, play with your kids, and plan your next trip. So, this park is ideal if you are considering what to do in Malta. Hence, you can quickly travel to Valletta’s opposite side using the elevator from here.

Upper Barrakka Gardens
Upper Barrakka Gardens

6- Swim Into The Sea At St. Peter’s Pool

In Marsaxlokk, St. Peter’s Pool is another must-see location. As a tourist, you can often spend hours lounging on the rocks. Likewise, you can jump into the clear pool and take in the sea in this cliff region. The pool is slightly curved and more isolated from the open sea. People enjoy jumping into the water from this rounded cliff edge.

Besides, you can explore the eroded stone if you’re not brave enough to jump from the cliff. So, walk on the small route above, and you can relax on the flat stone at the top. You can see the stunning views of the sea and the distinctive patterns left by erosion on the stone.

7- Take Photos Of The Mdina Gates

The enormous front gates of Mdina include a stone bridge that you must cross to get into the city. The walled town of Mdina itself has a big church. Likewise, there are winding lanes along the way. Tourists wishing to ride through the city are waited upon by men pulling horse-drawn carriages.

Further, there are countless ways to explore the city besides the carriages. You can take a cab or just simply walk down the alleys. Since it is a popular spot, you must wait to take perfect pictures without many people in the backdrop.

The Mdina Gates
The Mdina Gates

8- See Antiques At The National Museum

Visit the National Museum of Natural History in Mdina to witness skeletons. This place is best for tourists who enjoy visiting natural history museums, notably abroad. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, Mdina has a small natural history exhibit with a beautiful collection of human and animal bones.

Similarly, the museum is spread across several levels. It features a variety of exhibits, including preserved animals. Here, you can even read textbooks on ecology, islands, insects, minerals, gems, and marine life. The courtyard is lovely and an ideal spot to take pictures. So, if you have been wondering what to do in Malta, this place is ideal.

9- Adore Colorful Boats At Marsaxlokk Fishing Village

Marsaxlokk is a fishing village renowned for its vibrant markets and luzzi, or colorful fishing boats, in the port. You can truly appreciate the array of vibrantly colored boats parked here. So, as you stroll around the harbor, you can locate these boats. You may even stroll onto a dock to get a classical view of the nearby places and boats.

Moreover, if you visit on a weekday or weekend, look at every market stall. The majority of their items consist of tourist trappings and various souvenirs. They make amazing gifts for loved ones back home. One of the notable things is its famed Marsaxlokk Market called luzzi. It is held on Sundays and features largely fresh fish for sale.

Marsaxlokk Fishing Village
Marsaxlokk Fishing Village

10- Dive In The Shallows At Ghar Lapsi Divesite

From Dingli Cliffs’ viewpoint to Hagar Qim, stop for a swim in Ghar Lapsi. You can walk around the little cove to swim, snorkel, or dive. It’s a beautiful suburban location that is farther from the sights.

In addition, you can even see one enormous jellyfish, so keep an eye out. Although its stings do not harm humans, knowing them is a good idea. If you want to enjoy lunch after diving, two eateries are nearby. The Dive In Cafe & Grill offers the finest views and delicious meals.

The Bottom Line

The best travel discovery of the year is what to do in Malta. This island is still not a popular travel destination. Both as an island and a beach location, it has gorgeous and amazing historical sites to explore. Thus, Malta satisfies the needs of culture lovers, beach fans, and more. Being at the beach all day just gets boring for you. So, create a bucket list that includes everything you could do in Malta for your convenience.

FAQs About What to Do in Malta

What is the best time to visit Malta?

The shoulder seasons are ideal; the winters are colder and have more wet days, and the summers are hot. From September onwards, it is simpler to engage in activities and go out to dine without making bookings. Thus, it is a season with peak crowds, so plan a trip accordingly.

What are the places to stay in Malta?

Since Malta is a small island, it didn’t take us more than 45 minutes to get anywhere. You can spend some time on the island in a few locations, including the Solana Hotel Spa, South Wind Guesthouse, and Iniala Harbour House.

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