Old Saybrook is an adorable town located near the Connecticut River. The small town originated from a colony that became vast over the years. It includes various attractions for tourists and locals of all ages. Also, the aura is quite refreshing, with a warm community. Even the history and its culture give the town stability. You will feel a sense of safety here. Whether you are glancing for a family-friendly site or a fun-filled event, you can visit Harveys Beach or any other incredible one that fits your requirements in Old Saybrook!

1- Harveys Beach

Harveys Beach is small-sized but stunning in the town of Connecticut. Numerous travelers regard it to be the finest beach in the state. This seaside presents a variety of water sports and appeals to tourists of all generations. The sand of the beach is silky and plain, ideal for sunbathing. Let your kids build sand castles or play crisscross on the sand. The water is transparent and peaceful. It makes it perfect for swimmers, anglers, or water sports. You can trek out on the shoreline at lower tide and look at the aquatic life.

Harveys Beach Connecticut
Harveys Beach Connecticut

Further, it has a small playground, food stalls, and protectors to create your holiday comfier and safer. Harveys Beach is located around the middle of Old Saybrook. Thus, you can trek in this precious town with a rich past and culture. You can even visit the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center and Museum. This museum displays the antiques and pottery made by the locals to depict history. Therefore, it is a must-see beach in Old Saybrook.

2- Enjoy the views of West Beach

West Beach is the most extensive of the townlet’s beaches. It is located in Westbrook state. It has yellow sands encountering Long Island Sound. From this beach, you can have vistas of Menunketesuck Island, Duck Island, and even Salt Island. Thus, you can trek to the other beaches as they are a few miles from this beach. You can enjoy floating on its cold seaside water.

Yet, you can even cast a rope in the water or boat or de-stress on the shore. There is a summer house, picnic sites, grilling zones, restrooms, and bathrooms for ease. You can also see the nearby Westbrook Town Center. Here, you can shop, eat, and see multiple attractions. Thus, it is a great place to relish the seaside views and enjoy the sun.

3- Summer Delight at Soundview Beach

Soundview Beach is a famous site for summer delight, located in Old Lyme. It has a lengthy alley, a carousel, and many stores and cafes nearby. Apply sunscreen, and you can lead to sunbathe. If you love skilled swimming, float in the beach’s clear, cool water.

Soundview Beach
Soundview Beach

Walk along the long paths of the beach, and try to see the aquatic life. You can also see the sunset over the Long Island Sound from the sands or the highs of the alley. Yet, it is summer fun for tourists of all years. A parking place is near the beach, but you must pay a cost to park here.

4- Hidden Gems at Westbrook Town Beach

Westbrook Town Beach is a hidden gem close to Old Saybrook. Although the beach is famous for its serene beauty, yet is relatively quiet. It is because it has a small and neat area on which it spreads. Pack your picnic basket and drive to these relaxing surroundings.

Moreover, walk along the seaside and adore the lovely views. You can also glimpse the ships and the birds that frequent the zone. Regardless, it is an excellent place to flee the city’s hustle and enjoy peace and calmness. It also has a permit, bathrooms, and campsites.

5- Beautiful sights at Knollwood Beach

Knollwood Beach is an attractive beach in the town. It is part of a hidden place open to the crowd with an entry fee. The beach provides many facilities like a club, tennis courts, basketball zones, and a sandy play area for kids. The water is clear and of turquoise color with soft and grey sand.

Knollwood Beach
Knollwood Beach

Yet, it is an ideal water site for those who love water activities. You can play with water, build castles of sand, swim, and boat. Join the society for occasions and activities after relishing this beach. Additionally, it is a charming sight to click pictures. You can even click on the stunning vistas of Long Island. Remember to watch the dawn or the dusk or wander along the path.

6- Picnic at Clinton Town Beach

Clinton Town Beach is a lovely beachfront. It is located in Clinton. You can rent a splash boat and enjoy the waters. A specified zone delivers fresh snacks. Have a picnic at one of the areas, and play volleyball nets.

It is a flawless location for gliding and camping with family or friends. You can likewise visit the nearby Clinton Antiques Center, Hammonasset Beach State Park, or Cedar Island Marina for more enjoyment, shopping, and adventure. Therefore, it is a picnic heaven for everyone.

7- Sand Cover at Hammonasset Beach State Park

Hammonasset Beach State Park is the most considerable shoreline park, with almost two miles of golden beach. You can play with the sand in diverse ways. It includes sunbathing, constructing sandcastles, playing sports, or trekking along the path.

Hammonasset Beach State Park
Hammonasset Beach State Park

The sand is gentle and plain, and you can step out on the shallows at low tide and see the aquatic life. The sand surface is always covered with many migrating birds and other animals that live in the grassland. Be aware of horseshoe crabs. You can also see the ships that frequent the area.

8- Unwind at Cove Beach

Cove Beach is an undersized but stunning beach. It is located near Harvey’s Beach. This family-friendly beach has a garden, food stalls, and guards for protection. Yet, it is a calmer, more hidden spot to chill and calm.

You can paddle in the transparent, warm water. Collect different sorts of shells, or watch the sunset. Enjoy the sights of the Long Island Sound. It is an attractive location to spend a day with friends or a family holiday. Thus, find something at this seaside, whether you want to have fun or learn new.

9- Walk along the Chalker Beach

Chalker Beach is a pleasant, safe sandy beachfront in the town. It is an appealing and serene place for everyone to spend a holiday in the summer. You can race to the beach with friends, admire the set, or enjoy society events and sports. Furthermore, the beach has sceneries of the islands, the Connecticut River, and the wilderness.

Chalker Beach
Chalker Beach

It is a great place to be fresh by singing and enjoying the fresh breeze. You can eat at the nearby cafes at affordable prices. Fort Saybrook Monument Park and the General William Hart House are near this beach. Here, you can adore the past and admire the untouched beauty.

10- Cool Breeze at Great Hammock Beach

Great Hammock Beach is a family-friendly beach. Walk on the clean sandy seaside in Old Saybrook. It has plenty of spots for camping, volleyball playing, sunbathing, picnicking, and enjoying family games. You can also breathe in the fresh air, making yourself more relaxed and refreshing.

Moreover, the breeze also produces fun waves to float or surf in. It also holds the sound of the seagulls and the giggle of the people. Thus, it is a fantastic site to enjoy the sun or escape from the hustle of life problems.


Old Saybrook is a wonderful townlet to enjoy a holiday in. If you are a seaside fan, this town is the right pick. You can encounter different beaches with multiple vistas, including Harveys Beach. It caters to the distinct tastes and choices of tourists and locals. You can pick the water sports you like, float, fish, ship, picnic, or rest on the shore. So, pack your suitcases and lead to one of the beautiful beaches.

FAQs about Harveys Beach

What is the best time to visit Harveys Beach?

The timings for Harvey’s Beach include 10 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Friday. It is open on weekends with a 3-hour extension in the evening timings. The beach is closed during the extreme seasons, but travelers can still see its views from nearby Fort Saybrook Monument Park.

What is the parking fee at Harveys Beach?

Parking fee usually varies depending on the season. It is free for the residents with a proper beach sticker. Tourists can park for $15 on weekdays and $20 on weekends or holidays. Parking is fixed and is based on availability.

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