The New River Gorge National Park is viewed from the Appalachian cliffs. It was later re-designated to a park position among the West Virginia National Parks. Locals and visitors can view the flowers, greens, landscapes, and birds. This special place covers almost 70,000 acres, extending 53 miles. It’s got a captivating human history filled with coal mines and railroad barons. Tourists prefer it because of various outdoor pursuits. Go for rock climbing, rafting, and more. So, planning a trip to this beautiful park will make you make unforgettable memories. It will amazingly surprise you.

New River Gorge National Park

After going to Virginia Beach, you can also go to New River Gorge National Park and do many exciting activities.

1- Raft at Lower New River

This park is known for its thrilling whitewater rafting travels. The regional outfitters will suggest that the site is home to some of the best whitewater in the country. Do consider what to pack if you plan to raft at the river. There are various rafting options, the popular one being the Lower New River. Despite the 45-degree temperature, you can have a blast.

Raft at Lower New River
Raft at Lower New River

Eventually, the rafting season on the New River drives from mid-May through the start of October. Once summer strikes, there’s a half-day of the trip for all skill levels. Gear up with helmets, life jackets, and wetsuits if it’s cold. Thus, it will provide you with free lunch boxes along the way.

2- Hike at the New River Gorge

View the New River Gorge and the carving through the local Nuttall sandstone. There are many hiking routes here. This park has almost 100 miles of pathways, ranging from painless to challenging. Most tracks are ideal for initial hikers. You can hike a 2-mile out-and-back from the parking space.

Moreover, Long Point Trail is the 3.2-mile Long Point Trail. It leads to a rocky outcrop tower over the New River Gorge Bridge. The trail is straight until the last 0.3-mile steep path. Grandview Rim Trail is a 3.2-mile trail in the south that links the Main Overlook at Grandview.

3- Rent a bike from Arrowhead Bike Farm

Mountain biking is a famous outdoor sport all across the region. As a mountain biking lover, you can get in a half-day on the tracks. You can rent a bike from Arrowhead Bike Farm. It is a superb spot near the hub from the Long Point Trail trailhead. So, it presents clinics and outings.

Arrowhead Bike Farm
Arrowhead Bike Farm

Further, you can rent one trek cliff bike and shoot the 15 miles of paths. Note that the rental fees are for the entire day. Afterward, you can grab lunch at Arrowhead’s Handle Bar and Kitchen. It includes a lovely garden. Hence, it is a great spot to wind down after some adventure.

4- View along New River Gorge Bridge

The New River Gorge is captivating. You will like to enjoy some of the views. Many of the best views are ones you require to hike to. But some that you can see with the tiniest effort are the views across the bridge. It is just outside the Canyon Rim Visitor Center. Click the pictures of the thrashing flow of the New River.

Also, you will find some gorgeous and sheltered sunset spots on the Beauty Mountain Trail. It is less of a hiking track and more of a straight path behind several homes. They overlook the valley at Ram’s Head. If you visit, just be sure to be polite to the people living nearby.

5- Participate in Wildflower Art Contest

Youth Arts in the Parks is a competition praising ecology through art. With this program and the April art show, students can raise their grasp of Appalachia’s natural variety and parks. The works uplift community ties to local ecology. You can have the option to explore the different places and then draw.

Wildflower Art Contest
Wildflower Art Contest

In addition, this program is part of Spring Nature Fling. It is an event organized by this park, Tamarack, and several state parks. You can partake in this affair in April and May. Therefore, the festivities feature advised hikes, talks, and arts programs about nature outdoors.

6- Explore the regional history

If you are interested in the history, there are great places. The New River Gorge was based in 1671 during fur trading. An exhibit at the Sandstone Visitor Center confers the area’s original residents. Here, you can see stone points like Clovis points at least 11,000 years old.

Moreover, you can also learn about the current history at the New River Gorge. It includes the past of coal mining and the railroads. There are former mine areas within the national park. Even, you can visit the Exhibition Coal Mine in Beckley, outside the grassland. So, along the boardwalk trail, enjoy some vantage points.

7- Have a Bridge Walk

If the New River Gorge Bridge charms you but you ought to be more cut out for base jumping on Bridge Day, there is a unique way to see the bridge from a distinct angle. You can do a Bridge Walk. It takes you under the bridge and has you step across the entire length of it on a 2-foot-wide catwalk underneath the road.

New River Bridge Walk
New River Bridge Walk

Further, it is not an activity appropriate for anyone with an extreme fear of heights. But it is an incredible thing you can do here. The bridge is marked on the third Saturday in October each year at Bridge Day. Still, when the bridge is shut to vehicle traffic, the people jump off the side.

8- Drive within various points of the park

Adhering to the ground, you can take thrilling driving tours within the park. A scenic drive loops about the park from the Canyon Rim to the Sandstone Visitor Center – the entire drive is 83 miles long. Fayette Station Road is an old road. You can drive it in the car. It is a partly one-way road that will take you twice under the bridge and view the rafters.

Moreover, the African American Heritage Auto Tour tells the tales of the many Black coal miners and railroad staffers. This self-guided auto trek takes you to 17 historic sites. An audio manual that goes along is available in the app.

9- Mount at Endless Wall Trail climbing area

If you are not a rock climber, you can go for this excellent spot if you’re into this sport. There are ascending routes accessible in several areas. According to the National Park Service, it is at least 1,400, like right off the famous Endless Wall Trail. Tourists who know what they are doing and their gear do much of the hill climbing here.

Endless Wall Trail climbing area
Endless Wall Trail climbing area

But, if you like to try it out as a beginner, there are treks you can reserve with multiple local outfitters. Go for rock climbing here, as companies offer tours suitable for beginners. It has an ACE Adventure Resort and the New River Climbing School nearby.

10- Go fishing and zip-lining

As you go on for quite a bit longer, there are many fantastic items to do in the New River Gorge. Fishing in the New River is owed with a West Virginia fishing license. There are many shared river access points. You can angle for different fish.

Further, several camping motels around the park allow you to go for zip lining and ropes courses. It can be fun for the entire family. Apart from all this, you can reserve half-day and full-day guided zip-lining tours.


New River Gorge National Park is a stunning natural point. This cultural destination in West Virginia covers various landscapes and natural wonders. The park covers a 53-mile piece of the New River. It is one of the most panoramic rivers. Visitors can relish recreational activities. It includes rafting, biking, and camping. You can learn about the deep past. Planning a trip lets you explore, discover, and appreciate the beauty of nature.

FAQs on New River Gorge National Park

How are summers in the New River Gorge National Park?

Summer is the most active time of year in the New River Gorge. All the sports and camp lodges are open and running. It is the time of year when you’ll likely find more packed trails and fewer housing options. Also, there are water-based activities to participate in.

How to get to this beautiful park?

The New River Gorge is an easy driving span from hubs like Pittsburgh, which takes 3.5 hours, Charlotte takes 4 hours, and Washington takes 4.5 hours to reach. You need a car to explore the park or track the trials.

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