Belur and its twin town houses many majestic temples. They reflect the definite artistic taste and style of builders of the past. This small town includes engineering geniuses who can still be caught in the structures that stand here. Some of the shrines are ideal Dravidian pieces of art and landscapes. You can enjoy the top waterfalls or adore the natural beauty of parks. Noted as the jewels of the Indian cultural heritage, Belur is adorned with legacy and culture. There are various things to do in Belur Karnataka. Visit this destination for a superb look and unforgettable memories.

Things to Do in Belur Karnataka

This article will uncover the things to do in Belur Karnataka. So, plan a one-week holiday.

1- Offer rituals at Chennakesava Temple

Among the places to visit in Karnataka, Sri Chennakesava Temple is an antique temple at Belur. The temple is a must-visit place in Belur trip packages. It is known as Kesava or Vijayanarayana Temple. This temple is a Hindu temple devoted to Lord Vishnu. Likewise, the temple was created over three eras and took 103 years to end. It was continually impaired and raided during wars, rebuilt, and fixed in history. The temple sits in the center, fronting the east. A six-foot-tall idol of Lord Vishnu is placed.

Chennakesava Temple
Chennakesava Temple

Accordingly, the temple is noted for its extensive carvings, stone statues, artwork, and unique art. It is built with soapstone and minor shrines inside a walled blend. The Narasimha pillar is the most famous of these pillars. There are a total of 48 pillars, all carved and adorned. Thus, the temple has a beautiful stepwell near the entrance, used in the olden days for bathing.

2- Ride at the Yagachi Dam

At a distance of 2.5 km, Yagachi Dam is an earthen dam. Famous for its water sports, the dam is one of the most stunning. It was created in 2001 across the River Yagachi, a branch of River Kaveri. The dam’s size is 1280 m, and the elevation is 26 meters. It was created to harness water resources for fields and meet the supply for drinking water.

Moreover, the natural beauty of the terrain thrills visitors. Sitting near the pool and overlooking the calm water relaxes one. Lately, the Yagachi Water Adventure Sports Centre has been placed up in the frontiers of this dam to attract travelers. So, the tourists can go for various water sports. It includes banana boat rides, cruise boats, speed boats, kayaking, jet skiing, etc. are available.

3- Play at Belur Golf Course

Belur Golf Course is a piece of Colonial Belur Golf Club. It is dense green throughout the year and is suitable for families to spend time in the dark. It is also a famous movie shooting spot. Apart from all this, it is known as Belur Bane. By place, you may have seen this area since your childhood. There is no supervision for the preservation of nature or other things. However, the authority of this area kept it natural.

Belur Golf Course
Belur Golf Course

Furthermore, you will find green grass like the portrait. It is a must-visit site if you’re in love with nature lovers. This well-maintained nine-hole golf course is open for fellows to enjoy the game. Another golf course at Chikmagalur is near the city’s outskirts. Thus, you can see the fantastic lush-green natural grass of the golf course. So, enjoy walking barefoot across the field and recreating golf with the other travelers.

4- View the Gravity Pillar

The reign of the Vijayanagar dynasty has even involved Belur in building many structures. The speciality of this dynasty is the Channakeshava temple with its countable and lofty pillars. The Gravity Pillar is more commonly called the Mahasthamba or Kartika Deepotsava Sthamba. It is a 42-foot-tall pillar seated during the rule of King Devaraya in 1414.

In addition, this granite pillar is remarkable because the post stands without a ground. It is created of a single stone and stands on a stone forum held by gravity. Visitors often flock to relish the dam’s beauty and the nearby areas. Still, the place is ideal for spending time away from the rush and bustle of city life.

5- Explore Veera Narayana Temple

This temple is devoted to Veeranarayana or Lakshmi Narayana. It is famous for its artistic interiors. King Veera Ballala II of the Hoysala dynasty made this praise or three-shrined temple. Likewise, it depicted the different forms and avatars of Lord Vishnu.

Veera Narayana Temple
Veera Narayana Temple

Further, the prominent shrine is a perfect picture of Narayana with four hands. The southern sanctum is a giant picture of Venugopala. Here, Krishna is shown playing the flute. Similarly, the north shrine is a tall picture of Yoga Narasimha. Therefore, the cool breeze in the main center will rejuvenate the mind and the body.

6- Trek at Ermai Waterfall

Ermai Waterfall is one of the most gorgeous waterfalls. Apart from overseeing the water thrashing from the peak, this cascade is also an excellent goal for trekkers. While strolling around here, you can see the lovely places covering this waterfall. You can pick a self-drive car in Belur to visit all these places.

Moreover, you can visit the site or app to reserve a car rental to visit this waterfall. The app can readily be found on your phone and is super user-friendly. If you choose this option, it will not only make your venture to waterfall for free. But also save a lot of money. Now, make up your mind and plan a picnic to enjoy the views of this stunning and refreshing waterfall.

7- Drive to Mullayanagari Hill

You can steer to Mullayanagari Hill. It is the highest elevation in Karnataka. Still, it rises almost 6300 ft above sea level. There are cascades and brooks along the way, making the trek unique. These elevated hills are roughly 47 km from Belur.

Mullayanagari Hill
Mullayanagari Hill

Further, Kemmangundi is about 4,700 ft above sea level. It is another cliff you can walk up to. Also, it is ideally a queenly retreat, as it was used as a summer lodge by King Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV. So, put on your jogging boots and hike on the steep hill.

8- Glance at the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is lodged between the dense forested areas of the Western Ghats and Shimoga. This shelter is home to big animals to exotic creatures. You can arrange for safaris and nature paths. It is almost 103 km from Belur and is an ideal place for a weekend escape.

9- Stay-in at Mayura Velapuri Hotel

There are many hotels in Belur. The Mayura Velapuri Hotel is near the Chennakeshava temple. It presents a suitable place and a cafe where you can have your dinners even if you decide not to stay. Many resorts, like the Hoysala Village Resort, are located on Belur-Hassan Road.

But, tourists still consider this place as the perfect resort for staying. In addition, this hotel offers a relaxing stay, a swimming pool, shuttle buses, and a relaxed setting. Thus, they are modestly priced hotels in Belur.

Mayura Velapuri Hotel
Mayura Velapuri Hotel

10- Shop things along the town

As you stroll downtown, you will find various stalls and indoor shops. They deliver the finest specialties of the region. The temple town’s specialties are stuff created of metals. Many metal lamps, bells, jewels, decorative pieces, and Panchaloka divinity statues can be found. You can also buy boutique ware in the antique shops and the streets.


Belur is one of the most attractive sites. It is famous worldwide for its unusual art wonders. Get ready to go on a 220-kilometer highway trip to Belu. It is one of the most joyful trips for Bangalore locals. Many townlets, parks, and waterfalls are on the banks of the Yagachi River. It is even a central pilgrim site that multiple Hindus visit every year. They come not only for spiritual causes but also for things to do in Belur Karnataka.

FAQs on Things to Do in Belur Karnataka

How many days are directed for things to do in Belur Karnataka?

Visiting Belur’s basic appeals mainly requires two to three hours or half a day. Belur can also be blended with nearby fabulous points like Shravanabelagola, Chikmagalur, and Halebidu. You can add a few additional days to your holiday trip.

What is the budget for a visit to Belur?

The budget for the Belur journey depends on the trip time and type of hotel you select for your stay, along with the vehicle you prefer. Trawell presents tour packages. Begin with Ind 5750 per person for a 2D/1N travel and from INR 8400 per person for a 3D/2N break.

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