How many of you can proudly say that you have seen all the beautiful places of this planet Earth? If you say that without visiting the beautiful places of Pakistan, then probably you are wrong! I will help you in choosing some beautiful places to visit in Pakistan.

The culture of Pakistan is remarkable. They provide you positive vibe that you have never seen before in your life. Their hospitality will force you to think that why didn’t you visit this place before! The beautiful places of Pakistan, the breathtaking valleys of North Pakistan, also the historical places attract the attention of tourists.

Honestly speaking, Pakistan is safe to travel to! Foreign media has shown some rumors from the past few years, but I didn’t find any proof regarding all that. Pakistan is a beautiful and perfect place to visit invocations with your friends and family. Also, it’s budget-friendly to visit Pakistan! 

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I am mentioning some beautiful places to visit in Pakistan.

Places to Visit In Pakistan:

  • Hunza valley, Gilgit Baltistan
  • Islamabad
  • Lahore
  • Skardu valley
  • Bolachi, Skardu
  • Safranga Cold Desert, Shigar
  • Kachura lake
  • Shangrila resort
  • Naltar Valley, Gilgit
  • Khaplu Valley
  • Kharmang, Gilgit
  • Passu cones, Gojal valley


Hunza, a beautiful place among the best places to visit in Pakistan also it must be on your to-do list if you are planning a trip to Pakistan. Gilgit Baltistan is a land of peace, love, and beauty. Moreover, the beauty of this place is incomplete without its people.

The people of Gilgit are famous throughout the country due to their hospitality and their remarkable culture. The people there spoke wakhi, shina as local language, but they will interact with you a little bit in your language as well.

Hunza is surrounded by beautiful mountains, valleys, and breathtaking sights of landscapes. For instance, Hunza having three beautiful regions Gojal as Upper Hunza, Hunza Valley as Central Hunza, and Shinaki as lower Hunza. In addition, all these 3 regions are enormously rich in beauty. You must travel to the place Hunza between May to October.

the best places to visit in Pakistan


Islamabad the capital of the country, is the most calm, quiet, and one of the sightseeing places to visit in Pakistan, surrounded by Margalla hills. Firstly, the green city comprising of best hotels, trails, parks, restaurants, and Shopping malls. Secondly, it’s a hub of educational institutes, government offices, the President and prime minister house, Secretariat, and parliament house that would be visited by tourists.

Above all, people enjoy visiting the appealing spots of the city i.e Daman-e-Koh, Pakistan Monument, lake view park, Fatima Jinnah Park, Lok Virsa heritage museum, and the fascinating Faisal Mosque.

If you love hiking, then the hiking tracks of Margalla Hills are must-go places. I’m sure you won’t regret that. Moreover, the Restaurants of Islamabad are providing healthy and delicious foods. Pakistani food is highly recommended. The city has the best malls that you can buy any things for your friends.

sightseeing places to visit in Pakistan


Lahore, a place that will make a special place in your heart. Lahore is a lively place, yet a busy city. You will watch people eating and enjoying their life to the fullest. In addition, the old Lahore is a hub of historical places and buildings. The people of Pakistan say that:

                If you haven’t seen Lahore, you have not been born!

Lahore has a rich cultural heritage. For instance, the most visiting sites of Lahore are Lahore Fort, Shalimar Gardens, the Alamgiri Gate, Badshahi mosque, Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore museum, Lal Haveli, Sheesh Mahal.

You can find anything in Lahore’s famous markets, Liberty market, Anarkali Bazaar, M.M Alam Road, Shalimar Bazaar.

Lahore is one of the biggest cities of Pakistan yet a fascinating place among the best places to visit in Pakistan. However, Lahore is famous for its deliciously tasted food throughout the country!

the biggest cities of Pakistan


Skardu, in the North of Pakistan and, is one of the most incredible places to visit in Pakistan. It the focal valley of Gilgit-Baltistan is an essence of serenity and beauty.

You will enjoy visiting lakes, valleys, resorts, and beautiful scenery all of which together are an encapsulation of excellence in Skardu Valley.

The beautiful range of mountains of K-2 (the World’s second-highest mountain) also lies in the region of Skardu. The transcending mountains draw the attention of many climbers from the entire world.

the most incredible places to visit in Pakistan
serene view of Skardu

Above all, Skardu is enriched with many places that would amaze anyone with its incredible beauty. Some of the most beautiful are mentioned below:


Bulachi, A beautiful and hidden valley of Skardu. Few people hardly know about this place of Pakistan and its beauty. People living in Bulachi village are friendly and they will enjoy entertaining you throughout your trip to Bulachi. The serene beauty and quietness of this place have no match with any other places to visit in Pakistan.

beautiful and hidden valley of Skardu


Located at an elevation of almost 7,500 feet, the cold desert is a symbol of Nature’s perfection. You can never miss the cold winds and the beautiful scenery that the mountains and River Indus are giving to the human eye.

Above all, I have had my best experience there watching milky-way galaxy, dunes covered with snow, the mesmerizing view of sunset, and the mountains around the desert. Cold desert, Skardu is one of the highest cold deserts in the world.

one of the highest cold deserts
Cold desert, Skardu- beautiful place to visit in Pakistan


The crystal-clear water at the Kachura lake attracts the attention of many tourists. Kachura lake is one of the most visited places of Skardu and one of the best places to visit in Pakistan.

The magnificent lake in between the majestical Valley of Skardu and the highest mountains giving an incredible look. You will pass by several beautiful lakes and the hospitality of the villagers while traveling to Skardu.

attracts the attention of many tourists
Upper Kachura lake, Skardu


The most famous hotel of Skardu, giving a spectacular view along with Lower Kachura lake. The cottages of Shangrilla resort are adding to the beauty of the heart-shaped lake making it the most beautiful place to visit in Pakistan. For instance, Shangrilla resort is no doubt the best tourist spot on the land of Gilgit.


Naltar valley is famous for its absolute beauty and wilderness. Mountains are covered with snow, landscapes, and incredible lakes making Naltar valley worth visiting.

Naltar valley is about 34 miles away from Gilgit city and approximately 90 minutes’ drive from the city. it has become a popular tourist spot in the past few years. As the valley has well-furnished hotels for tourists to stay and the skiing facilities in winters.

Visiting the Valley between May and September is recommended as you will enjoy the scene better with the remarkable beauty of the trees and the clear lake water.

The serene beauty of nature that Naltar valley is holding in her arms making this place a must-go place to visit in Pakistan. Naltar valley is the best place to visit and take memorable pictures with your family and friends.


Kharmang valley is one of the most visited valleys of Gilgit. Tourists love to explore this valley and its beautiful Khamosh Waterfall. Kharmang valley a land of forts, beautiful scenery all around making this place among the perfect places to visit in Pakistan for vocation.



The beauty of Pakistan is lying in the heart of Gilgit Baltistan. Khaplu Valley is an enchanting place to visit in Gilgit. Khaplu valley often called Ghanche is known for its historical buildings, scenic view of mountains, and incredibly green fruit trees. It is in the east of Skardu city (almost 103km away).

Tourist spots in Khaplu valley include the beautiful Khaplu palace, Thoksikhar, Kharfaq lake, khaplu, Macholo Valley, Hushe valley, and Thalley valley.


Gojal Valley is in the north of Hunza, bordering China and Afghanistan came across with the scenic beauty of lakes and magnificent mountains on Karakoram highway.

While driving through the Gojal valley, there comes the famous tourist spot The Attabad Lake. One must take a quiet walk on the Karakoram highway. Trust me you will not find such a calm and relaxing place while walking through the road facing the spectacular Passu cones.

Other famous places to visit in Gojal valley are Pak China friendship tunnels, Gulmit tower, Borit lake, Hussaini suspension bridge, Shimshal valley, Batura Glacier, and Chipursan valley.


Okay, so I made the best decision of my life of visiting Pakistan. Writing top best places to visit in Pakistan is not an easy thing for me because every place that I visited in the country took my heart.

 I don’t know what other people think about it but “the beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”. And honestly, I was stunned to see the beauty of Pakistan. I have visited many places, but the hospitality of Pakistani people would fascinate anyone like me.

I loved Pakistani culture, their food, their hospitality, their streets, building, shopping malls, snow-covered mountains, scenic valleys, and much more to tell you all about. In short,

                                                                PAKISTAN IS BEAUTY!

I assure you that you will not regret your trip to Pakistan. One must visit the places that I have listed above to make your trip memorable.

Tell us in the comments what you people think about visiting Pakistan?

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