Sikkim is a northeastern Indian state and is known for its scenic beauty. It is one of the smallest states in India and makes contact with the border of China at Tibet. Sikkim tourism gets excellent attention from all around the world because of so many popular attractions. The top sights include azure rivers, lush mountains, high-altitude lakes, milky waterfalls, and breathtaking views of the third-highest mountain in the world, Kanchenjunga.

Sikkim state has four districts in the east, west, north, and south regions. Each district has its capital, and every region promotes Sikkim tourism by offering trips to unique and beautiful places in the state.

Sikkim Tourism Places

Here are some popular places to visit when you are considering Sikkim tourism:

1- Gangtok

Gangtok is the capital city of the Sikkim state and truly reflects the region’s beauty. With cultural and historical importance, Gangtok has many famous places to visit in the city. Many private organizations offer multi-day tours to Gangtok, covering all the prominent sights of the region. This beautiful hill station of Sikkim combines cultural beauty and modernization perfectly.


While exploring the Sikkim tourism spots, tourists can get the opportunity to have fine glimpses of Mount Kanchenjunga. Various gift shops are there to purchase artistic and handmade gifts for your loved ones. The local restaurants cater different types of local dishes. 

2- Nathula Pass

Nathula Pass at the Indo-China border in Gangtok showcases scenic views of foggy weather with snow-covered mountains. Being at the border of Tibet, Nathula Pass represents a merged Indian and Tibet culture. A trade market named Sherathang features many emperor items for your family and friends. Sikkim tourism is complete with a visit to Nathula Pass.

Witnessing the beauty of valleys with small lakes in between is a unique experience. However, tourists must take safety measures and avoid more extended stays when it is snowing here. Photography is strictly prohibited in some sensitive areas where Indian soldiers patrol. 

3- The Zero Point

The Zero Point, famously known as Yume Samdong, is among the top tourist destinations in North Sikkim. The area is quite broad, so it does not look crowded even if there are many tourists. You can enjoy top views of azure skies and snowy valleys from approximately 4700 meters.

The Zero Point
The Zero Point

Asthmatic people should only visit there if they have proper medications and a solid will to experience adventure. This alluring tourist destination might portray harsh weather, so wear extra layers of clothes. On your way back from The Zero Point, you can visit Yumthang Valley.

4- Tsomgo Lake

Tsomgo Lake is nestled around 38 km from Gangtok City. The journey on a zigzag road through rocky mountains leading to Tsomgo Lake is adventurous. This place has multiple flora and fauna families, including yellow and blue poppies, Brahmini, Primulas, migratory, and Irish ducks. Majestic pine trees and silver firs bypass this gelid Lake.

Moreover, the best times to visit are from January to May. The visitors claim to have seen red pandas, musk deer, and gorals there. The change of seasons brings a change in the colors of the lake waters. In spring, Lake depicts sapphire blue color, and as the winter approaches, the color changes to dark inky green.

5- Yuksom

Yuksom is a historic city in western Sikkim and a dream place for trekkers with trails with natural scenic views. Yuksom was once the capital of Sikkim, and it has recently started gaining popularity in Sikkim Tourism. In the heart of the mountain, Yuksom is covered with lush green vegetation. The history of Yuksom goes back to the 16th century.

Yuksom, Sikkim

There are many top attractions to visit in the area, including historic Norbugang Park, where you can have quality time with your family and friends. A historic royal palace Tashi Tenka displays lovely views. For trekkers, Goechala Trek is a popular spot. Khangchendzonga National Park also has many picnic spots to have gatherings. 

6- Lachung

A beautiful hill station in North Sikkim, Lachung, is around 8,800 feet. Snow-covered mountains surround this valley of Bhutia and Tibetan people. The Lachung Chu River passing by makes the hill station a charming tourist destination. Although Lachung is less famous than other tourist destinations, it is worth visiting.

Its sparkling water streams, cascading waterfalls, and plantations of apricots and apples. The Lachung also provides a gateway to Gurudongmar Lake, frozen in winter. Some renowned mountains, including Mt Kabru, Mt Pandim, Mt Siniolchu, Mt Simvo, Mt Khangchendzonga, and Mt Jopuno, cover the region. The oxygen level is relatively low here. The best time to visit Lachung is from March to June.

7- Pelling

If you admire the Himalayan Range, Pelling is your right destination. A small town in West Sikkim, Pelling is located at an altitude of approximately 2200. After Gangtok, Pelling is the most visited place in Sikkim. The town features some spectacular waterfalls like Rimbi Falls and Kanchenjunga Falls. Sangachoeling Monastery and Sewaro Rock Garden are also among other top attractions of Pelling.


Tourists can find some entertaining things to do, including rock climbing, mountain biking, village tours, and trekking. Dense forests surround Khecheopalri Lake nearby and are an ideal spot for photography. The local eateries serve local food. Many cultural fests, like Kanchenjunga Festival, are held every year. Overall, Pelling is a complete travel package and an ideal tourist destination.

8- Zuluk

One of the best offbeat locations in Sikkim, Zuluk touches heights of around 10,000ft. This least-discovered tourist destination in Sikkim is located on the ancient Silk Road. The majestic mountains showcase stunning panoramic views of the valleys below.

Nag Temple and Thambi View Point are the top attractions of Zuluk. It is not surrounded by seasonal tourists, even during the year’s active part. To have the best views and mesmerizing experience, book a stay in local homestays rather than hotels. August and September count as the best period to visit Zuluk.

9- Namchi

Namchi is a marketplace in South Sikkim that has become a tourist destination. The aroma of lush flora freshens the air. Khangchendzonga Range and Sherdup Choeling Monastery are popular attractions of Namchi. The Rock Garden and The Beautiful Tea Gardens are also picnic spots for fun gatherings with family and friends.


Two gigantic statues facing off from opposite hillsides attract numerous travelers every year. The world’s giant statue is also located in Namchi. Recently, many luxury hotels have been set up in the area after Namchi started gaining popularity as a tourist destination. The capital of South Sikkim is muddy during the Monsoon season, so take precautions before visiting there.

10- Goechala

Goechala is famous for attracting tourists that hope to have an adventurous journey. The only way to get there is by trekking from Yuksom. Therefore, the place is known for hiking and skiing activities. The trekking freaks travel from all over India and other parts of the world to experience challenging yet breathtaking treks of Goechala.

Even if you prefer to avoid trekking, the stunning views of majestic peaks are worth a visit. Also, the best time to visit is April to June; you must take a permit before visiting there. Beginner trekkers are not encouraged to trek at Goechala.



Whether you are a trekking lover or crave scenic views, Sikkim tourism has covered everything. The breathtaking treks make you challenge yourself; the panoramic views provide a unique one-time life experience. The combined culture, rich history, monetary sites, and many popular attractions promote Sikkim tourism.

About 20 percent of the Sikkim is covered with forests. Animals, including red pandas, blue sheep, black bears, and many more, are found in Sikkim. Many annual festivals are also held in India’s small and second least populated state.

FAQs about Sikkim Tourism

What is the best time to visit Sikkim?

Sikkim is open for visitors all the year-round, and different places have different suitable time frames. The best time to visit Sikkim to enjoy the most popular attractions is from March to June.

What could be better about Sikkim Tourism?

Some areas are prone to landslides in the summer season. However, taking precautions and checking weather conditions during your stay before departure is always a better idea.

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