Detmold is a town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, with a vast population. It is the administrative center in the district of Lippe. This place is considered a young and vibrant city with much to offer tourists and travelers alike. With its rich history and culture, beautiful natural surroundings, and an array of shops and businesses, it is an ideal place for an enjoyable and enriching experience. Moreover, its large residence has made it the largest city in the country. While planning your trip, you must choose a comfortable place to stay, like Residenz Hotel and others!

Detmold Germany
Detmold Germany

Hotels In Detmold

Get to know more about the best hotels in Detmold, including Residenz Hotel, and make your stay with your loved ones more comfortable, pleasurable, and delightful!

1- Residenz Hotel

The Residenz Hotel is a 4-star hotel that offers its guests a comprehensive range of modern services and amenities. The hotel is located in the city center, just a few minutes from the central train station. Here, all the rooms contain satellite TV, a work desk, and a well-equipped private bathroom. 

Residenz Hotel

Besides this, the top attractions nearby include Safari Park and Hermanns Monument. Vending machines are also available for snacks and drinks on the property. Hence, one can enjoy their favorite snacks at any time of the day. All the family rooms contain massive space for luggage storage and safety deposit boxes. 

The kid-friendly buffet, fruits, and special diet menus add a lot to the worth of this place. Also, it is a pet-friendly hotel, and one can get pet baskets for their cute little pets. The tour desk also arranges special trips and adventurous tours for the guests.

2- Hotel Diele

Hotel Diele is a stunning hotel that offers breathtaking sights of the city and its surroundings. Here, the guests can enjoy various amenities and services during their stay. This place ensures all safety and security standards by providing fire extinguishers and alarms. Wifi is also available in every room and is free of charge.

Hotel Diele
Hotel Diele

Besides this, all the rooms are soundproof, and there is an outside terrace on the property. There are plenty of activities to keep guests entertained, and the hotel’s restaurants offer delicious national and international cuisines.

3- Hotel Lippischer Hof

Those who want to explore the history and tradition of the area along with a unique and comfortable stay should check out the accommodations at Hotel Lippischer Hof. It is a highly reputed hotel for its excellent services along with its ambiance. There are many popular places to visit, including Parkstreifen Wallgraben and Palaisgarten.

Many guests enjoy the delicious cuisine and grilled BBQ. Also, the guests can use public transportation provided by the hotel. From a vast bar, one can enjoy fresh beverages or drinks at any time of the day. Also, the banquet halls allow an arrangement of particular functions or occasions. 

4- Elisabeth Hotel Garni

This charming and luxurious hotel, Elisabeth, presents many perks and a wide range of facilities for all visitors and travelers. With huge bedrooms and living areas, this property provides a tea or coffee maker, a mini refrigerator, a microwave, and an iron in every room. There is a socket and a charging point near every bed, so your communication with your loved ones can never stop.

Elisabeth Hotel Garni
Elisabeth Hotel Garni

In addition, the city view and garden allow all the people to unwind their minds and seek relaxation. This hotel with a pool (outdoor) and hot tub, also helps all the guests to stay active and fit after a hectic day of traveling and adventure. 

5- Wertschätzer Hotel

The Wertschätzer Hotel is a beautiful and historic hotel that has been around for centuries. For all budget-minded travelers, this place provides much more. Besides luxurious facilities, this hotel aims to provide a comfortable stay within pocket-friendly budgets.

All the rooms are non-smoking and allergy free. Many shopping malls and shops are nearby. Some popular destinations include a park with a Wasserspiel a der Ameide and Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz. The business center and conference rooms allow guests to conduct virtual meetings without disturbance. 

6- Kissinger

The Kissinger Hotel is home to several famous guests, including politicians, celebrities, and business leaders. With the best facilities and services, this place assures a great ambiance with a unique touch of history. The availability of daily newspapers and news channels with a flat TV screen in the hotel helps to keep you up to date. 


For all disabled guests, the facility is available. Wheelchairs and elevators help all the special guests to have a delightful stay on the property. Moreover, a beauty salon and onsite spa help all the guests maintain and enhance their beauty. 

7- Stadthotel

The Stadthotel hotel offers stunning views of the cityscape and is just a short walk from the city’s main attractions. With multiple accessibilities, this hotel provides access to media and technology. All the rooms are air-conditioned, and the temperature is well-maintained. The well-equipped and well-furnished sitting area allows all the guests to gossip in their spare time. 

In addition, the separate dining table allows every guest to have private dinners with their loved ones. The electric vehicle charging station and parking garage allow for the safety and security of one’s vehicle. Here the top attractions include Heidenreichstein Castle.

8- Garden House

The Garden House Hotel is a beautiful place to stay when visiting the city. The hotel is located in a park and has a garden with various flowers and plants. People love to see this area due to its attraction and natural beauty. Moreover, the staff is warm-hearted and welcomes all the guests politely.

Garden House
Garden House

In addition to this, family rooms come along with maintenance and hygienic environments. Hence, one can comfortably stay with their children, pets, and family at this hotel. Also, ATMs’ availability helps you do monetary transactions easily. 


All the hotels in Detmold are great places to stay while you are in town. The staff of these hotels is friendly and helpful. Here, all the rooms are clean and comfortable, and the breakfast buffet is delicious.

These hotels, including Residenz Hotel, are conveniently located near many of the city’s best attractions. You can find every hotel in Detmold, from highly affordable to luxury. Moreover, one can select the best hotel for their stay according to their requirements and budget. 

FAQs about Residenz Hotel

Is the Residenz Hotel an excellent option to stay in?

Indeed, the Residenz Hotel is an excellent option to stay in. The hotel offers comfortable rooms with all the necessary amenities, including free wifi and a flat-screen TV. The staff is also friendly and helpful. 

What is the average cost of staying in a Residenz Hotel?

The average room cost in a Residenz Hotel is €150 per night. However, this price can fluctuate depending on the specific hotel and the time of year. So, one should collect information regarding costs before a stay.

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