The Surf and Turf Beach Club & Restaurant is located at 16 Pattaya Bang Lamung District Chon Buri 20150, Thailand. Pattaya is among the best places to travel. A broad sky will greet you with a dazzling sun that appears in a variety of hues and shifts from a blue to a vanilla sky as the day progresses into the evening. It will be a lovely chance to refuel your energies with delectable food and music while enjoying breathtaking sea views and the tranquil murmur of the ocean waves.

You may savor the delectable delicacies at Surf and Turf, a stylish Mediterranean restaurant designed in Mediterranean style next to Pattaya’s lovely beach, in the tranquility of your own home. The chef will delicately make the dish of your choice using only the finest ingredients.

Surf and Turf Beach Club
Surf and Turf Beach Club

Surf and Turf Beach Club & Restaurant

 The details about Surf and Turf Beach Club & Restaurant and a few top restaurants in Pattaya are given below:

Menu of Surf and Turf Beach Club & Restaurant

Their tasty menu delivers exquisite tastes and textures in all of the dishes. They have different varieties of food, such as Thai, Chinese, Italian, or even Fusion food. Their food is prepared from the chef’s heart with art and creativity.

For Instagram, you can take beautiful pictures with it as the food is decorated in every dish. There are many foods that they recommend on the menu.

Special Accessibilities

In their business center, there are two computers with printers. The business center is open during work hours and can be accessed with your room key. An adult must always supervise children. Additionally, your unit has free wireless internet access. Each unit has a password for the wireless internet.

Beach Club
Beach Club

Indoor and outdoor services

For the convenience of the guest, Surf and Turf offer both indoor and outdoor spaces. The Indoor comprises two stories with air-conditioned rooms, with the ground floor arranged in a modern-contemporary elegance that is cozy and welcoming. On the second story, we also have an English bread shop with a high ceiling and a glass wall specially constructed to provide an excellent ambiance.

A sizable marble counter also has a selection of baked goods and gelato that you may sample. The centerpiece of the space is a big white swing seat with flower vines dangling from the ceiling, and there is a golden unicorn to complete this corner and set the scene for a fairy tale.

Up to 120 people may be seated in our beachside outdoor space, 150 people can be sitting in the Seaview zone, and 150 people can be seated in our interior space, both of which are beachfront spaces.

1- Suttangrak

Suttangrak Pattaya is a restaurant with a beautiful ambiance near the water. This locale is well-known for its fresh seafood and stunning vistas. The store’s interior has a welcoming environment and some delectable meals you must taste.


The second location of Suttangrak Restaurant is in Pattaya. This branch is situated by the water in the ambiance of Jomtien Beach, which is still considered a stunning beach. This restaurant is well-known for its flavorful seafood and convenient location by the water. Beautiful vistas may be found here.

The atmosphere inside the store gives a warm feeling. They divide the seats into two zones, both open-air and air-conditioned rooms. In the evening, the visitors can watch the sunset by the sea, which is a romantic scene. The famous dishes of this restaurant include fried cabbage with fish sauce, deep-fried snapper with fish sauce, fried crab with curry powder, salad, blue crab, crispy roti, fried banana and ice cream, etc.

2- Hotel Amber

On Pattaya Sai 3 Road, a major artery that runs nearly midway between the famed Beach Road and Sukhumvit Road, lies the Hotel Amber Pattaya. It is well situated for vacation fun and nightlife excitement, with Central Pattaya and South Pattaya roads bounding to the north and south, respectively. 

Hotel Amber
Hotel Amber

Although main attractions like Walking Street and Central Festival Pattaya Beach are easily accessible on foot or by short taxi, Hotel Amber Pattaya offers visitors a tranquil haven to unwind and rejuvenate. Along with providing valuable amenities like shuttle service and laundry facilities, it also excels in satiating the modern traveler’s zest for fun and good times.

3- Grande Centre Point

Grande Centre Point Pattaya is a great place to unwind and recharge. Grande Centre Point Pattaya is famous for its opulent setting and convenient location to fantastic eateries and tourist hotspots, making it simple to take advantage of the finest of Pattaya. The Grande Centre Point Pattaya rooms include air conditioning, a minibar, a refrigerator, and free wifi.

Utilize some of the services provided, such as room service and a concierge, while you are there. The on-site pool and breakfast are also open to Grande Centre Point Pattaya guests. There is free parking for those coming by vehicle.

Grande Centre Point
Grande Centre Point


This restaurant is worth going to if you like Thai food. Excellent place if you want to relax and enjoy your food. The staff is accommodating. It has a decent value for the money. Although walk-ins are welcome, making a reservation before coming here would be best so you can select where to sit. The meals we ordered were excellent.

FAQs about Surf and Turf Beach Club & Restaurant

Do surf and turf beach clubs have heated pools?

 Yes, both pools are heated to 84 degrees from October to May. Along with that, if a hair dryer is needed during your stay but is not in the unit, the office will lend one to you.

Do surf and turf beach club offer towels for the beach or pool?

No, the hotel provides kitchen and bath towels for each unit. Moreover, the guests themselves must bring towels for the beach.

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