From its profound arts and culture scene to its scenic parks and outdoor spaces, Baltimore is a city that never fails to charm its tourists. It is the largest city in Maryland, called the Economic Post. Seek leisure or venture, explore history, or eat traditional or modern delights. Thus, you can immerse yourself in the city’s social environment. There are things to do in Baltimore as you dig its secret gems, engage with the residents, and create special memories. So, prioritize the interests and activities that concern you the most.

Things to Do in Baltimore

Look for sports, concerts, and special events happening during your visit. These are among the considerable things to do in Baltimore.

1- Oriole Park at Camden Yards

You can watch a game at Oriole Park at Camden Yards if you are a baseball lover. It is the hub of the city’s Orioles. This arena is deemed one of the nation’s most lovely and fan-friendly zones. Yet, it covers a conventional design and a dazzling view of the downtown skyline.

Camden Yards
Camden Yards

Likewise, you can enjoy the aura of Eutaw Street. It is a pedestrian place behind the right-field wall. This walking alley features food trucks, souvenir stores, and recorded plaques. Thus, it is almost 40 minutes by foot from the Inner Harbor, or you can catch the Light RailLink to Camden Station.

2- The Walters Art Museum

You can see the Walters Art Museum if interested in art and civilization. It is free of entry. The gallery’s collection spans over seven millennia, from old Egypt to current America. Apart from all this, it encloses 36,000 objects worldwide.

You can admire portraits, statues, manuscripts, jewelry, ceramics, and more in the gallery’s historic structures. The showroom also presents guided tours, courses, workshops, and family rides. Sotto Sopra Cafe is located almost 15 minutes from this gallery.

3- Splendid aura at Peabody Library

If you are a reader lover, you can marvel at admire Library. It is one of the most considered exquisite library spaces in the world. The pile room has five stories of decorative cast-iron terraces. They rise to a skylight of sixty-one feet above the base. The library has 300,000 volumes, primarily from the 19th century.

Peabody Library
Peabody Library

Yet, all these books are linked with powers in history, literature, social sciences, and topography. It is an element of the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University. This institute offers music shows and occasions. Therefore, this library is in the Mount Vernon district. Washington Monument can easily be viewed from here.

4- Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine

As an explorer of American chronology and patriotism, consider Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine. It is the place of the Battle of Baltimore in the era of 1812. At this point, Francis Scott Key was boosted to note the words that grew into the U.S. national anthem. It is named as The Star-Spangled Banner.

You can investigate the antiques at the historic fort. You can even watch a movie about the war and see exhibits and artifacts. Enjoy the panoramic views of the port. Be prepared to join yearly ranger-led flag rites and special events. Yet, it is nearly 40 minutes by ground, or you can book a water taxicab or a bus to get there.

5- Experience the Maryland Science Center

If you are interested in science and technology, visit the Maryland Science Center. This science center suggests three levels of active and interactive exhibits. Here, you can view a botanical garden, a tower, an IMAX cinema, and a science lab for older children.

Maryland Science Center
Maryland Science Center

Similarly, you can learn about fossils of dinosaurs, space and planet models, the human body, physics, chemistry experiments, etc. You can watch live displays, partake in workshops, and attend special affairs. This center is open on Wednesday. Hence, its entry fee varies depending on the choices you pick.

6- Walking areas at Fell’s Point

Stay at Fell’s Point if you want a precious and lively community. It is an old waterfront community in a southeastern city. This point was established in 1763 as a shipbuilding dock. It has been home to notable figures like Billie Holiday and Frederick Douglass. You can walk along the cobblestone roads.

Furthermore, find craftwork and antique shops, and enjoy coffee and pie at relaxing Cozy Corner. It is a sample of local and global cuisine at various deals. Experience the nightlife at around 100 pubs and posts. You can also visit the Robert Long House, the Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park Museum, and the Broadway Market. Thus, go by car, taxi, or bus.

7- Inner Harbor at National Aquarium

If you love aquatic life and like to view more than 20,000 animals from around 800 species, you must visit the National Aquarium once in a lifetime. It is one of the earth’s best aquariums and the region’s most central tourist appeal. You can explore displays that show further aquatic habitats.

National Aquarium Baltimore
National Aquarium Baltimore

View the coral reef, the Amazon river woods, the blacktip reef, and the dolphin show. You can likewise watch 4D flicks, join the BTS treks, and partake in animal shows. This aquarium is at 501 E Pratt Street in the Inner Harbor. It is open depending on the weather. The entrance fee varies depending on the alternatives you select.

8- Ferries at Baltimore Water Taxi

If you want to appreciate the joy of Baltimore by boat, you can bear the Baltimore Water Taxi. It is an enjoyable, fast, and cheap way to guide the city and see its appeals differently. This water taxi runs with a team of licensed chiefs and a caravan of inspected retail passenger ships along accurate routes servicing.

Further, it has fixed stops in and near the dock. You can visit Fort McHenry, Harbor East, Point, and Canton. You can also enter special events and ventures. It includes cocktail sails, sunset trips, and whiskey tastings. So, get ready to venture on a magical journey with your friends.

9- Hill at American Visionary Art Museum

If you are interested in the region’s prehistory, visit the American Visionary Art Museum. It is the country’s showroom for self-taught, intuitive art and crafts. This gallery features pieces by artists who need to be formally instructed. Mainstream art trends do not even impact them but speak their visions through mixed media and ads.

You can marvel at paintings, statues, mosaics, collages, and more in the gallery’s three historic structures. Yet, this museum also presents guided tours with their friendly staff. This visionary at the museum is at the Key Highway near the hill. There is a huge parking space with modern security. Still, it charges a fee for entry and parking.

American Visionary Art Museum
American Visionary Art Museum

10- Taste the Sagamore Spirit Distillery

If you are curious about how rye whiskey is produced, visit here. Yet, if you want to taste some award-winning creations, stay at the Sagamore Spirit Distillery. It is a five-acre base distillery that frames world-class rye whiskey utilizing spring water from Maryland’s Sagamore Farm.

You can grab a guided tour of the location and learn its chronology, method, and attitude. Also, you can appreciate a whiskey tasting and mart for souvenirs at the tourist center. You can drink at the Nineteen O’ Nine Whiskey Bar. Be prepared to join special events and occasions at night. It includes cocktail classes, yoga classes, and a live theme. Thus, enjoy and click every single memory.

The Bottom Line

Uncover countless things to do in Baltimore. It is a vibrant city in the central region. The city includes a prosperous history and a diverse cultural setting. There are numerous recreational options to enjoy. Baltimore offers a broad scope of specialties for tourists of all interests. It has something for everyone, from exploring adorable museums and art showrooms. Apart from all this, relish the tasty cuisine and share the city’s energetic nightlife. 

FAQs on Things to Do in Baltimore

How can tourists get around the famous places?

Tourists can utilize different modes of transport to get around Baltimore, like buses, light railing, subway, water taxicab, bike, and auto rental. You can even walk to many attractions within the region.

What are a few COVID-19 policies and tips on things to do in Baltimore?

Visiting Baltimore would help if you obeyed the latest COVID-19 policies and laws. It includes wearing a mask when social distancing is unattainable. Show a vaccination card and check the beginning hours and availability of sites before going.

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