Are you planning a trip to Binghamton? If yes, you must look at the things to do in Binghamton, NY!

Binghamton makes the perfect vacation destination for sports lovers, history enthusiasts, as well as nature admirers. This town is worth praising for how it has preserved the legacy of the Victorian era in the form of museums, art pieces, and buildings. Moreover, 6 out of the remaining carousels belong to this city.

There is a lot to visit and do when you are in Binghamton. The tidy pavements in Otsiningo Park will get you in the mood for bike riding on clean pavements. At the same time, the Ross Park Zoo will make you fall in love with animals.

What to Do in Binghamton NY
What to Do in Binghamton NY

Things to Do in Binghamton, NY

Let us learn about all the things to do in Binghamton in detail now!

1- Spend an Hour of Tranquility in Otsiningo Park

Ostiningo Park is a beautiful, vast, and wide place filled with community gardens, well-laid trails, fields, and more. The best thing about this park is that it is well-maintained. The pavements are tidy enough for biking. You can even walk on grass barefoot without worrying about any dirt sticking to your feet.

You can get breakfast from your favorite café, make yourself comfortable on the picnic tables in the park, and enjoy an hour of pure tranquility. The Chenango River is an incredible sight as well. There are also bathrooms open for public use.

2- Visit the Beautiful Recreation Park

Another beautiful park in Binghamton is Recreation Park. What makes this place worthy enough to be on this list is the six oldest antique carousels, it is home to. The free to ride carousels were made by Allan Herschell back in 1925. The regular maintenance and cleanliness have been keeping them fine enough.

Recreation Park
Recreation Park

Besides the carousel, you can enjoy sitting with your legs in the swimming pool. There is also a tennis court for sports lovers and playgrounds for kids. Walking on trails can allow you to enjoy scenic views of the park from the sides.

3- Enjoy a Baseball Game at the NYSEG Stadium

NYSEG Stadium was opened back in 1992 and has been an essential part of baseball culture. It was first known as Binghamton Municipal Stadium. If you visit Binghamton and do not attend the baseball game, you missed out on a significant NY event.

It does not matter if you are a baseball fan or not; Rumble Ponies games are an excellent opportunity to spend time out with your companions and observe the enthusiastic crowd and the determined players. Before settling on your seat, do not forget to buy America’s special hot dogs and subways from the stadium café.

4- Praise Victorian Architecture of Phelps Mansion Museum

Phelps Mansion Museum is a triple-story building made with brick and stone. Located on Court Street, this mansion holds excellent historical value since it was built in 1870. The man behind this structure is a famous architect named Isaac G. Perry. The fact that Sherman D. Phelps (former mayor and businessman of Binghamton) lived in this house increases its value even more.

Phelps Mansion Museum
Phelps Mansion Museum

The gorgeous architecture of this mansion involves precious and rare woods and glasses. Visiting it will be like going back to Victorian times. There is also a museum you can see with a guide, and learn an interesting thing about history.

5- Visit Bundy Museum of History and Art

Bundy Museum of History and Art will take you back to the Victorian Era. It displays the history of Bundy Manufacturing Company. You can see how this company became world-famous in the field of technology. There are several items to entertain you. Form the Hall of Fame to a local art gallery and the Rod Serling Archive Room.

This museum was created to keep the legacy of the Victorian era’s fine arts and local history. You will hesitate to blink after entering this place because every nook and cranny has a story to tell.

6- Socialize in Garage Taco Bar

Garage Taco Bar is situated in the Downtown area of Binghamton. If you are a party-goer and do not mind spending some hours clubbing in New York culture, this is the place to be. However, it was not long ago when this restaurant was founded; the vibe and environment are all about New York party culture. 

Garage Taco Bar
Garage Taco Bar

The beer is great, and so are tacos and all Mexican dishes being served here. Socializing here can be so much fun because you will come across people from different cultures along with locals.

7- Spend Time with Animals at Ross Park Zoo

Being founded in 1875, Ross Park Zoo is the 5th oldest zoo in the USA. The maintenance is worth praising since it is currently in the best possible form. Spread across 90 acres, this zoo is a great part of wildlife conservation. You will see rare animals such as red pandas, lemurs, howler monkeys, otters, and many more.

Moreover, you can plan a BBQ party in the dedicated barbeque areas of the park and walk on the clean pavements. There is a lot to admire once you are in Ross Park Zoo, from expansive gardens to intense woods and wildlife.

8- Visit Roberson Museum Science & Center

Roberson Museum Science and Center display mind-blowing pieces from science, art, local history, and natural history. It has a centerpiece Roberson Mansion which was built back in 1904. The furniture in this mansion belongs to the original period of the building.

Do not forget to enjoy the twinkling stars in the planetarium. This museum hosts many events throughout the year, so check the dates beforehand.

Roberson Museum Science
Roberson Museum Science


Binghamton will warmly welcome you, whether you are in Binghamton as a student for one semester, a newly-wed celebrating honeymoon, or someone on vacation with your wife and kids. It is a great vacation destination for everybody. Binghamton’s claim to fame includes many places, as listed above.

There are a few such towns where you can enjoy nature, wildlife, history, art, and modern clubbing culture all in one place. Binghamton, New York, is one such town. It is for those who want to lower the big city noise yet do not prefer going too away from city life.

What are the famous things to do in Binghamton, NY?

Binghamton, NY, is the Carousel Capital of the World. Here you can see 6 of the remaining carousels. Moreover, the warm weather makes it an ideal vacation destination throughout the year. Tourists come from all over the world to experience the legacy of the Victorian era that has been kept alive beautifully.

Is Binghamton, NY, worth visiting?

Binghamton is full of attractions and experiences. From touching the same furniture people in 1904 used in Roberson Museum to spending time with rare animals in Ross Park, America’s 5th oldest park, there is a lot to see and experience in Binghamton.

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