As the weekend is approaching here are many unique ways to enjoy a Friday night to the fullest. Getting drunk is the last number that you probably cannot reach because of the long length of the list. No matter what activity you choose, your primary purpose should be to feed your soul, clear your mind, and strengthen your relationships with your loved ones.

The best way is to dedicate Friday to your partner only, the next to your family, and the next to your friends, in case you are single. This will allow you to manage all your relationships confidently with a sense of control.

Things to Do on a Friday Night

Let us find out about the fun things to do on a Friday night!

1- Drive-In Movies

Drive-In Movies are fun for the unique experience. Drive-in theaters got out of the limelight for some reason but have come back, which is probably the only good thing the Covid pandemic did. It’s like having the sky above, the screen in the front, and an exciting view of different trucks and SUVs parked beside you.

Drive-In Movies
Drive-In Movies

No idea can be better than this, especially if you have a date with you. There is enough privacy and a romantic vibe. Take your blankets along because it can get freezing at night in the open. Though there is no worry about getting the right seat, make sure to be on time to get the right parking spot.

2- Play Tourists in Your Town

The most underrated place in everyone’s life is the town they live in. We consider it fun and adventurous to visit different cities and countries but do not bother exploring our town. Pretending to be tourists in your town with a bunch of your crazy friends can give you one memorable Friday night.

For better preparation, research all the attractions, museums, cafes, and cultural markets in your town. Get yourselves outfits of any culture other than yours. Talk to locals whole on your exploring adventure, and record your moments in a camera.

3- Stargaze on a Friday Night

Your Friday night doesn’t need to be all about socializing. You can turn the outside volume down and amplify the voice of your soul. Get a comfortable lying chair, put it on your balcony, and spend a few hours just looking at the sky, counting stars.

Stargaze on a Friday Night
Stargaze on a Friday Night

It is perfect for recharging your battery and having some productive and healthy “Me” time. Stargazing has many benefits for you. It calms your soul, clears your mind, and helps you rejuvenate your spirits. If you have had a hectic week of busy work schedules and social commitments, ditch all your friends and sit alone under the sky.

3- Go on an Adventurous Walk in Woods

When was the last time you took out time to spend it with nature? It must be a long time ago. Looking at greenery, breathing fresh air, and being away from the bustling city can be a great way to reduce your stress level and prepare for the coming week.

You can either go on a walk-in woods alone or with your friends. The latter option is for those with their spirits high for a daring night. Yes, get torch lights, the perfect company of your crazy friends, and walk-in woods. If you are bold enough, you can go into intense woods where any animal can come from any side at any time; you never know!

4- Water Balloon Fight

A water balloon fight is precisely what you should spend your summer Friday nights doing. It helps beat the heat and proves to be an opportunity to interact with your loved ones differently. You can hire help to cook BBQ for everybody while you all throw sponge balloons filled with water at each other.

Water Balloon Fight
Water Balloon Fight

There are many ways to hold this party. One idea can be to tie balloons on the ankles of everybody and pop the balloons of the opponent team. Another game can be to hang balloons on a rope and ask everybody to pop them. The one who does in the minimum number of attempts wins.

5- Bike Riding

You can rent bikes and get on a long riding journey at nighttime. Make sure to prepare beforehand to set everything for the nightlife. For example, check out the condition of bikes before renting, get safety gear, select the route, and such things.

If all your friends are willing, you can start your journey at midnight and extend it till Sunrise. This will allow you to observe Sunrise from an appropriate spot and have breakfast with your friends. Remember, safety comes before everything. So, do not include places where police security is less in your route.

Bike Riding
Bike Riding

6- Try a New Recipe

Cooking together is a secret to strong family bonding. Did you know that it can even have a strong positive influence on child development? Cooking is just an excuse; you give your kids a message that your family is one body.

You can try baking cookies after mommy is done preparing dinner. Because making the whole dinner together can be difficult as there are a lot of hands involved.

7- Just Dance Party in Your Lounge

If you knew how important it is to go insane without drinking, you would have Just Dance Parties every Friday. This party aims to give yourself and your loved ones a place to be their true version. Break in steps, and let your body do whatever it wants to without eyes judging you.

Dance Party
Dance Party


There are extrovert party-goers clubbing and introverts who like having their best friends over for dinner on weekends. Don’t you think it is unfair first to define your personality and only join in when the activity is per your comfort zone?

But it does not mean that you have to change yourself to live a good life. All you have to work on is trying different things, so you have more to look back at when you are old. For example, part-goers can spend a Friday night stargazing to listen to their inner voice, and shy introverts can conduct a balloon fight for a change.

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