Are you interested in visiting the Northwest region of the US? If so, pack your bag now and head to the most vibrant city of Idaho. Boise is a city that covers almost all the landscapes, grasslands, showrooms, and exceptional urban delights. You can watch the conservation centers. Among the various things to do in Boise Idaho, it entirely depends on you which place you want to visit at which time. The weather usually varies in this region and can be pretty unpredictable sometimes. Therefore, with its pleasant aura, tourists feel homey and appreciate every part of their journey.

Things to Do in Boise, Idaho

This city allows a year-round recreation opportunity for locals and visitors. So, uncover an assortment of things to do in Boise, Idaho.

1- De-stress at Hot Springs

Boise is covered by untouched beauty and outdoor amusement options, including many hot springs and waterfalls like Idaho Falls. All such places offer a restful and healing event. The Spring is a luxury hot spring lodge where you can enjoy the gentle water, the cozy aura, and the spas.

Hot Springs Boise Idaho
Hot Springs Boise Idaho

Givens Hot Springs is an old hot spring in operation for many years. Here, you can camp, enjoy the breeze, or play volleyball. Rocky Canyon Hot Springs is an untouched hot spring on the distant side of the Fork Payette River. You can go for a short hike and enjoy the considerable pools. It ranges from warm to hot, and view the stunning sight. It is one of the finest things to do in Boise, Idaho.

2- Glass art at Boise Art Glass

You can check out the Boise Art Glass to view aesthetic glass art. It is a shop where a group of students started to display their art. Later, it was driven as a showroom and studio. You can see different handmade glass objects. It includes different kinds of statues, chandeliers, accessories, and more. This shop is on the border of downtown of the city.

Apart from all this, you can watch live glassblowing shows or join one of the considerable courses that will teach you how to make and decorate glass products. You can understand from skilled artists and have fun making your exceptional piece of art. The Boise River and the Greenbelt are nearby.

3- Learn at Boise Art Museum

If you want an artistic venture, visit the Boise Art Museum. This modern art museum gallery features exhibits, art collections, and programs. It reflects the various civilizations and viewpoints of the area. You can see paintings from regional, national, and international artists. It ranges from illustrations, statues, ceramics, shots, and more.

Boise Art Museum
Boise Art Museum

Likewise, you can partake in studio art lessons, kids’s activities, lectures, films, and other affairs. All such activities are free of cost. This showroom is in Julia Davis Park. Therefore, get a chance to view other attractions like the Idaho Botanical Garden and the Zoo Boise.

4- Rush at Morrison-Knudsen Nature Center

Morrison-Knudsen Nature Center is one of the most pleasing places to visit for a natural and educational experience. Here, you can view a nature habitat. It shows the native creatures and plants of the region. You can see a huge fish aquarium and wildlife displays along the pathways, bridges, and greens.

Furthermore, the underwater windows will let you see the stream’s aquatic life. You can discover the conditions, preservation, and chronology of the Boise River and its habitat. Therefore, this center is a perfect point to learn about aquatic animals.

5- Unwind at Julia Davis Park

Julia Davis Park is a beautiful grassland in the city’s downtown area. This park was built in 1907 with a land grant from Thomas Jefferson Davis to honor his spouse, Julia. It is the foremost park in the string of pearls. The city’s Parks and Recreation Department employs this series of parks along the Boise River.

Julia Davis Park
Julia Davis Park

Here, you can dig into the different points of the park and relish its many interests and sports. See the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, a bronze sculpture or admire the Rose Garden, full of scents of different flowers. Watch a concert at the Gene Harris Bandshell or click pictures at the Zoo Boise.

6- See Inn at 500 Capitol Hotel

Inn at 500 Capitol is an exclusive boutique resort. It presents a luxury adventure to the people who are fond of luxuries. The inn has been created with unusual details and elements. It includes rooms with a pantry, themed chambers, and toilets with large showers. It includes incredibly cozy bed linens.

Some rooms have a bar point, free Wi-Fi, LCDs, and gas heaters. You can go to a gym with workout supplies, a company center with conference facilities, and a shuttle service. At the rooftop, enjoy the scenic views of the cliffs. Further, a cafe serves local and seasonal cuisine.

7- Events at Treefort Music Fest

Treefort Music Fest is a five-day indie rock carnival. It organizes countless venues throughout the year, specifically in March. The celebration shows the best of art, harmony, culture and craftworks. You can even view stalls on culinary, apparel, and beverages that stir originality.

Treefort Music Fest
Treefort Music Fest

Furthermore, listen to around 400 bands from different genres and locations or laugh out at the Comedy Fort. At the Filmfort, watch short films and shorts from provincial and global filmmakers. Remember to eat at the Food Court and join the different yoga classes with a small entrance fee.

8- Fun at Discovery Center of Idaho

The Discovery Center of Idaho is an intricate and affiliated science showroom. It organizes regional and global shows and displays handmade products. Attend classes on mixed arts and academics. You can research the wonders of science, tech, and other related topics.

In contrast, you can get a chance to have fun learning about new things from various perspectives. Likewise, you can participate in different science games, events, and centers. After a day packed with different kinds of knowledge, you can rest at Julia Davis Park, which is nearby.

9- History at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist

You might be eager to know the beliefs and related customs of Boise. In that case, the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist is the most suitable place. It is a parish temple constructed in 1921. Yet, it is the center of the Diocese of Boise and the main church for this state.

St. John the Evangelist
St. John the Evangelist

Moreover, you can respect and value the Romanesque Revival architecture. View the sandstone cover and the shaded glass windows. You can even attend the Mass and additional ritual services. Therefore, this valuable church will guide you about the city’s historic culture.

10- Ride along the Greenbelt Biking

If you are a hiker or a biker of any level, Greenbelt Biking is suited for you. It is a 25-mile bicycle and walking path that leads to the Boise River. This pathway even connects numerous woods and wild spots. You can click pictures of the beautiful flowers and the wildlife habitat. Get access to widespread attractions free of cost.

Furthermore, you can lease a bike from nearby spots or bring your bike with you. Apart from all this, stop by the Boise Whitewater Park and the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial nearby. In this way, you can enjoy double in minimum budget.


Boise is an outstanding destination for sightseers who like to experience a mixed and spirited city. So, plan a trip to view its numerous attractions and outdoor sports. Whether looking for happenings, cultural events, or city joys, this city has something for everyone. You can rest along the river or visit the markets. See the animals’ shelter and the artwork. Yet, it is surrounded by natural landscapes and other recreation options. Thus, encounter things to do in Boise Idaho.

FAQs on Things to Do in Boise, Idaho

What ways do guides suggest to reach the city?

You can get along the city of Boise by using different modes of transport. Renting a car can be the best option, so drive according to your preference. Likewise, the Valley Regional Transit bus system assists the downtown. A 25-mile bicycle and walking path pursues the Boise River.

What festivals and events do tourists from around the world most await?

Boise hosts multiple events that mark the area’s culture, melody, art, and meals. Some of Boise’s finest events and carnivals are Treefort Music Fest and Boise Art and Rose Festival. Other common festivals include the Idaho Shakespeare Festival and Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic.

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