There is a logic behind everyone wanting to visit Des Moines. It is a populous city in the Midwest. People prefer this city to reside permanently and be a great holiday place. There are diverse things to do in Des Moines. This bright city is rooted in culture, landscapes, farms, alleys, and craftwork. You can relax at the best beaches and participate in a robust political aura. The city’s diversity makes it an adorable travel goal with a cityscape, ranches, state parks, and everything in between. So, uncover the best sites in the city.

Things to Do in Des Moines

As such, compelling and entertaining things to do in Des Moines. It is one of the must-visit destinations.

1- Five domes at the Capitol Building

The Capitol Building is the finest thing to visit during adventure vacations. It is filled with great art and years of chronology. This building was built from 1871-1886. Its five-domed design is exceptional in this building. Visitors can see other battle flags Iowa units took in the Civil War, Spanish-American War, and World War I. If you go on a weekend, have entry to the rooms that were used during the war.

Capitol Building
Capitol Building

One of the main features is the library, which looks like something out of a film, and only lawmakers can enter it. In October, the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates organized an occasion to give annual awards to people who support human progress and expansion. They improve the quality, quantity, or availability of food worldwide.

2- Flea to Downtown Farmers Market

The Downtown Farmers’ Market is one of the many amusing things. This market sustains almost 300 local dealers by purposely uniting urban and rural districts. It is a place to meet friends, shop, and vibe with different people. Refuge to artists, growers, bakers, designers, and more, there are stores for everyone.

From May to October, this market organizes vendors and customers from all over the world. It includes farmers, crafters, foodies, entrepreneurs, and all local trades in one place. However, you can get discounts on local products, sit-down dining, and beyond.

3- Fun at Iowa State Fairgrounds

One entertaining thing to perform is visiting the Iowa State Fairgrounds. But plan your journey wisely because the fair only comes to townlet once yearly. This ten-day event takes place yearly in August to celebrate the region’s farming. This state fair provides amusement, competition, and healthy family fun. With lifts, food, games, and loads, it’s no surprise that people trek each year.

Iowa State Fairgrounds
Iowa State Fairgrounds

Moreover, the fairgrounds come with various facilities that serve many purposes. You can view various industrial buildings, animal maintenance centers, 4-H displays, barns, an outdoor theater, and more. Therefore, you’ll indeed find a lovely way to appreciate these fairgrounds.

4- Blooms at Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden

Des Moines Botanical Garden is a 14-acre grassland along the Des Moines River. The garden provides hope, inspires, engages, and apprises guests about diverse plants and the setting in which they flourish. You can view levels of Bonsai display, unique plant types, and seven acres of grasslands. The gardening and botanical lovers will cherish this top attraction.

It was first founded in the Spring of 1920. This garden has many active garden paths that attract tourists. Likewise, the garden is residence to a hillside park, plant pools, statues, indoor plants, and patios. You can even view a reflecting, water, and a rose garden. You can even eat at Trellis Cafe nearby.

5- Rest along Pappajohn Sculpture Park

Pappajohn Sculpture Park is a beautiful park to spend a peaceful day. This park covers almost 4.5 acres of land with John and Mary Pappajohn statues. Further, this place was extended in 2009 with 24 statues charitably donated to the city. This pedestrian-friendly point is famous among hikers. It is open from dawn to midnight daily and can be seen with self-guided treks.

Pappajohn Sculpture Park
Pappajohn Sculpture Park

It would help to have your guide map to wander the park statues. You can appreciate the statues from distinct angles and in various ways. Each sculpture is also honored with an arrow indicating the best way to participate in the craftwork.

6- Architects at Des Moines Art Center

Launched in 1948, the Des Moines Art Center is one of Iowa’s most pleasing tourist places. It is a showroom for current and trendy art of all mediums. You can value the belonging of the center’s society. Walk through its doors and view models in its exhibits. The museum expects to unite people through a devotion to adopting thought-provoking art.

Moreover, there are many items to view at this place. It includes pictures, portraits, statues, craftworks, manuscripts, texts, videos, and fabrics. You can purchase anything from the gift shop. Tangerine is an on-site cafe that serves up fast food nearby.

7- Entertainers at Des Moines Civic Center

Des Moines Civic Center is a site that powers society’s dream to house local entertainers and concerts. It was opened in 1979. Since 1979, the base has developed into a world-class center of Iowan amusement. However, it organizes fantastic skits and art education options for entertainers of all talents.

Des Moines Civic Center
Des Moines Civic Center

This place daily runs shows like gospel music, Latin shows, meditation, Disney animes, famous players, tunes, comedy plays, puppet shows, musicals, theaters, etc. No matter what time you visit, there’s always a show on the calendar. Thus, this center is the most pleasing if you’re looking for a world-class show.

8- Baseball at Principal Park

Principal Park is a hub for Minor League Baseball’s Region Cubs, so take advantage of it. It was formerly named Sec Taylor Stadium. The park is an attractive location to witness a game. However, it has plenty of seats, so reserving tickets is easy. There are exclusive seating options that present a luxury baseball venture.

The lounge fits upscale dining choices, a fine bar, and a big screen projecting all games. Furthermore, if you’re visiting this park with your family, it has excellent programs and activities for kids. Cubbies Kids’ Club, The Mug Club, and Fareway Kid Captain are games by which kids can get involved at the game.

9- Views at the Salisbury House

The Salisbury House & Gardens was constructed in 1928 by Cosmetic Majesty. The perfect manor house is a Tudor created in the Gothic and Carolean fashions. It is home to 16th-century English oak woodwork, sported after a king’s house, and dates back to the Shakespearean Age.

Salisbury House
Salisbury House

View the initial collection of paintings, furniture, and tapestries. Although it was built and equipped for almost three million dollars, the house was sold 1954 for $200,000. It welcomes visitors to trek the grounds and the spectacular collections. The bookings are highly suggested.

10- Enjoy the Chocolate Storybook

Chocolate Storybook has been a beloved point for locals and tourists for almost decades. Here, all chocolate is made to rich perfection. It is known for delicious goodies, plentiful gift baskets, chocolate towers, and custom chocolates. They are tasty delights for all events.

With specialty choices like holiday-themed candies, mouth-watering caramel apples, nuts, and so much more, visiting this place is a must. It is noted for the cotton candy, which offers more than 50 types. Whether visiting alone or with kids, your inner kid will go wild for all the lovely and delicious treats.


There are many lovely landscapes to view in this city. Among the countless things to do in Des Moines, you can enjoy the big-city culture. An underrated and often ignored travel point is this city. You can view one of the most attractive and rich sites. Use different transportation means to go quickly from one place to another. Navigate through the grasslands that give off a warm and welcoming set to rest and chill with family.

FAQs on Things to Do in Des Moines

What are the most promising ways to spend the whole day in this city?

There are different things to do in Des Moines. Explore different locations by beginning by booking tickets before the visit. Then, stroll along one of the alleys and rest near the lake for an hour. End your day by doing some window shopping.

Are there any places to go in this city for free?

You can think of going without money as many places are accessible and exciting. Further, you can freely visit the art showroom and state historic society or skim the downtown agriculture market and the gorgeous East Village.

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