Things to Do in Victoria

What are The 7 Top-Rated Things to Do in Victoria?

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Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and is present at the southern tip of Vancouver Island. It is a small city directed by the warm North Pacific current on the Olympic Peninsula Mountains and produces a lenient climate in Canada. Also, it is one of the coziest places in Canada that comes with several things to do in Victoria, especially in winter. It is a small and beautiful city that comes with a friendly environment and contains less than 100,000 populations. 

Things to Do in Victoria

Let’s move forward to the details of the things to do in Victoria!

1- Visit the Modern Masterpiece of Victoria Butchart Garden

Butchart Garden is one of the premier tourist fascinations in Victoria that is worth visiting and presenting on the short drive from Downton Victoria. It accommodates several types of small gardens, including the rose garden, Japanese garden, Italian garden, and sunken garden.

Victoria Butchart Garden
Victoria Butchart Garden

Its open spaces, fountains, pools, and exotic plants are also worth visiting that are arranged for musical and artistic performances. Visitors can visit this site several times a year because the look of this garden changes with every season.

After all, every season comes with its flowers and natural charm. Visiting the Butchart garden is one of the best things to do in Victoria.

2- Explore Natural and Human History at Royal BC Museum

British Columbian Museum is a provincial museum that retains the title of one of the best museums, displaying history and culture in Canada. It contains the history of first nation European settlement. Visitors can see several things in the museum, including British Columbian mushrooms, birds of prey, gold mountain dream, and first people voices.

You can also step back into the past by exploring Canada’s Oldest Chinatown celebration. The museum preserved the significant artifacts and art from the early days of colonial settlements in Victoria for future generations.

3- See Fascinating Stone Based Parliament Buildings

The Parliament Building is the imposing seat provincial government of British Columbia. The structure was designed by the Yorkshire architect Francis M. Rattenbury and built-in 1897.

Victorian Parliament
Victorian Parliament

It is a neat stone building and contains attractive gardens that look very beautiful. The building seems even more pleasant when the entire structure glows with the stone lights in the darkness of night.

Visitors can see a gilded statue of Captain George Vancouver, who completed the first circular tour of Vancouver Island. Moreover, you can also see a giant statue of Queen Victoria perched in the Inner Harbour from the terrace.

4- Stroll Across the Cook Street Village

It is one of the modest areas in Victoria, present down the street from Beacon Hill Park. This compact area contains several good restaurants and other food shops. However, the main street area extends from Oliphant Avenue for three blocks to Oscar Street.

Cook Street Village
Cook Street Village

The whole street remains busy most of the time due to travelers and restaurants. You can also find some food trucks as they offer their picnic areas with picnic tables under some trees. You can stop at this place to spend a good afternoon before heading towards the village, which can be the best thing to do in Victoria.

5- Visit the Historical Structure, Craigdarroch Castle

Craigdarroch Castle is an old and historic structure. It is known for its Victorian-era Scottish Baronial mansion. This mansion was built on a hill overlooking the City of Victoria somewhere between 1887 to 1890.

This castle belongs to Robert Dunsmuir, the copious and most significant representative of Western Canada. His lovely wife lived in this castle till his last breath and died in 1908. After his wife died in 1930, this mansion served as a historical visiting point for tourists.

Craigdarroch Castle
Craigdarroch Castle

Visitors can stay and thoroughly visit the castle. The whole structure is worth visiting because it is known for its historical importance. There is no facilitation for a guided tour, but it facilitates an audio guide on admission.

6- Explore Nature in Victoria Butterfly Gardens

This garden is adjacent to the Butchart Gardens and worth visiting because it contains more things to see than butterflies. Visitors can watch tropical birds, moths, reptiles, fishes, and more than 75 species of exotic butterflies.

Visitors can stroll over the garden to spot parrots, tortoises, flamingos, iguanas, and ducks ambling over the yard. On the other hand, its further accommodation with flowers, trees, and waterfalls makes it one of the best places to visit in Victoria on a chill winter day.

7- Stroll Across the Fan Tan Alley in Adjoining Chinatown 

It is a compact but worth visiting town adjoining the Victoria through its conspicuous gate. It counts as a historical place because it contains china quarters where 8000 people lived in the previous century. One of the most worth visiting places in Chinatown is the narrowest Fan Tan Alley which is present approximately two-thirds of the way north up Fisgard street.

Visitors can find the oldest colorful structures and restaurants and a delightful area with water-view patios. It is the best place to capture some perfect shots across the town. It looks more lit delightful in the soft blue color at night.

Fan Tan Alley
Fan Tan Alley


Due to the trivial size of the place, the visitors can enjoy sightseeing on foot because it is easy to get around the city. Due to its warm climate, this is the best site for national and international travelers with the best things to do in Victoria around the year. Commonly the city is popular for its parklands, gardens, and several outdoor activities.

How many days do require to explore Victoria? 

It usually requires approximately three days to explore the entire city as it comes with the best things to do in Victoria. You can spend your first day in Inner Harbour to see its attractions. On the other day, you can visit Downtown attractions. In the last, visitors can see the historic sites in the city.

Do you need a vehicle to explore Victoria City?

No, it is not necessary to have a vehicle in Victoria City. It is a small and beautiful city; every corner is worth visiting. So, you don’t need to have a car, and you can stroll across the city on your foot.

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