San Angelo is situated at the Bank of the Concho River, adding to the value and beauty of Texas. The number of things to do in San Angelo ranges quite broad. There are museums to explore, art galleries to find top-notch art, wildlife reserves, and many other options.

There is no doubt that the city knows how to maintain a fine balance between tranquil nature and big-city noise. A few hours at the Concho Riverwalk will give you inner peace, while some time at a busy restaurant will teach you a lot about busy street life. It is a must to visit while on your vacation to Texas.

Things to Do in San Angelo

Here are some fantastic things to do in San Angelo!

What to Do in San Angelo
What to Do in San Angelo

1- See Water Lilies at the International Water Lily Collection

International Waterlily Collection is a beautiful site located at the Civic League Park. It gives such a one-of-a-kind show of nature and plants that many tourists declare it one of the best sites in Texas while leaving the city. You can find a vast collection of water lilies from around the world.

Visiting it is one of the free yet incredible things to do in San Angelo. The place is close to many restaurants and boutiques, so you can easily spend a day hanging out in this area while blessing your eyes and tummy.

2- Visit San Angelo Visitor Center

Architecture lovers head to San Angelo Visitor Center the first thing after they touch down in this city. The architecture, construction, material used, and every single aspect of this building will have you admiring. The magic starts from the outside as you pass through impressive stone work on the ground to the building entrance.

San Angelo Visitor Center
San Angelo Visitor Center

The best thing about this place is the excellent serpentine wall that had been made using around 300-ton sandstone. The roof shape is another impressive thing. The tall ceilings, giant windows, and architecture will allow you to take aesthetic pictures for your Instagram.

3- Take a Walk at Concho Riverwalk

Away from the city noise and close to nature, Concho Riverwalk is less than a place and more like an opportunity to connect to your inner being. You can spend a few hours lying beside the clean water, on the green grass, and relax.

The beauty of Concho Riverwalk is that despite being all about nature, it still has a road network and other facilities. You can ride a bicycle or take a walk in the widespread gardens. This four-mile area is also a community hub where many social events like concerts, fundraisers, etc., occur.

4- Learn History at Fort Concho National Historic Landmark

Local history cravers should head to Fort Concho National Historic Landmark, where a sufficient amount of art is available. This place was built in 1867 as a fort connecting the Northeast Texas border to El Paso. It had been included in the list of the most important forts in Texas service-wise. The purpose of building this was to protect West Texas.

Fort Concho Landmark
Fort Concho Landmark

Visiting is one of the must things to do in San Angelo. Because here, you will get to explore how things used to work in the past for the Texas army. There are officer’s quarters, barracks, chapel, stables, and much more.

5- Travel back to the 1900s in Miss Hattie’s Bordello Museum

The Miss Hattie’s Bordello Museum was constructed in 1896 as a brothel. It ruled the Western Texas brothel culture for many decades until it was closed in the mid of 1900s. Now it is open again but as a museum where tourists get to see mind-blowing artifacts.

Other than the brothel, there was also a salon. Almost everything from the old times is preserved in the building, from furniture to lamps, carpets, curtains, and much more. It is an excellent way to sneak into Old West Texas.

6- Enjoy Nature at San Angelo State Park

Here, the State Park is a beautiful place to be. Here you can sit on a bench and enjoy the tranquility, silence, and calmness of waters, trees, grass, and fresh air.

State Park
San Angelo State Park

The wildlife is another exciting aspect of this park. Many animal species live here, such as longhorn and Bison. Horse riding, camping, and bicycling are some of the activities that you can enjoy doing.

7- Pet Animals at San Angelo Nature Center

Texas has a name in the world for being home to a variety of wildlife. The Nature Center is taking the legacy one step ahead with its fantastic collection of animals. Situated at the Knickerbocker Road, this place makes an exciting spot for animal lovers.

You will see snakes, reptiles, rodents, tortoises, and many other animals in this center. Moreover, the nature center takes care of the tourists as well. Yes, there are sitting areas to rest for a while. The children’s area will be of great use if you are with your kids.


Oasis of the West and Visual Arts Capital of Texas are other ways to call San Angelo. It is one of the first cities that come to mind when you consider visiting Texas. Its vibrant nature, centuries-old artifacts collections, and waterfront activities are great experiences full of learning and enjoyment.

San Angelo Texas

When you enter the city, it will welcome you with its rich street culture. Yes, the statues installed in public places will excite you about what is in the boutiques and museums. Your impression of the city will keep improving as you keep exploring.

FAQs About Things to Do in San Angelo

What does San Angelo have to offer?

The number of things to do in San Angelo is many. You can relax on the Concho Riverwalk, explore San Angelo Nature Center wildlife, and do much more.

Does San Angelo have wildlife reserves?

 Yes, it has San Angelo Nature Center displaying a wide variety of wildlife animals such as reptiles, snakes, tortoises, etc. Moreover, the San Angelo State Park is a great place to see rare animal species like Bison.

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