Noida is a beautiful and planned city in India, in the state named Uttar Pradesh. It is considered a satellite city of Delhi. It is recognized for its vegetation and cleanliness. This city is also famous for its detailed and complex infrastructure and industrial growth. It has many parks, shopping malls, IT seats, academic organizations, and recreation venues. There is a home to the best trampoline park in Noida, India.

Trampoline Park Noida

Trampoline Park Noida is considered one of Noida’s most famous trampoline parks. It is encountered in Spectrum Metro Mall, or if you ask anyone about Sector 75, you will undergo this fantastic park. It offers numerous alluring activities and sports for different age groups. 

You can hop, jump, reverse, and glide on over thirty connected trampolines. These gigantic trampolines cover the complete floor and walls. Not only this, but you can also enjoy other spots like foam craters, ninja techniques, basketball on a trampoline, dodgeball, and many fun activities. Here you can have joy, wellness, and adventure with your friends.

Trampoline Park
Trampoline Park

This park is a fantastic place to have birthday celebrations, events of various firms, school tours, or have a fun day out with your adored ones. You can reserve your tickets from their website or at the forum. Therefore, enjoy a thrilling adventure that will make you sense like a superhero.

Other Parks in Noida

Apart from the trampoline park, there are some other amusement parks. Below, you will be guided about these parks. Here you can enjoy water sports and slides. Admire the green oasis in the botanical gardens and a shelter for birds too. Have a photograph near the musical fountains.

1- Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Okhla Bird Sanctuary is a place for bird lovers, heaven on the Yamuna River, near the boundary. It was started as a refuge in 1990. This park shields an area of three and a half square kilometers. Furthermore, it is residence to over three hundred kinds of birds. You can see some of the occasional and endangered birds here.

Likewise, you can find the black-bellied tern, the Indian skimmer, and the Baikal teal. The shelter also has various plants, fish, reptiles, and mammals. The best duration to visit the spot is from November to March when many migrating birds reach from various parts of the world. It has a tower, a wildlife trail, and a tourist center for comfort.

Okhla Bird Sanctuary
Okhla Bird Sanctuary

2- Biodiversity Park

Biodiversity Park is a wild forest resource in the city, spread over almost a hundred hectares of ground. The team aims to conserve the native habitat of the region. The park has three major zones. It includes wetland, grassland, and woodland. The wetland area has a large lake to attract multiple aquatic birds and animals. The grassland site has open fields with herbs.

Moreover, the woodland zone has thick forests with different trees and shrubs. There are so many species of plants that you cannot count. It even includes medicinal and ornamental plants. You can find peacocks, kingfishers, mongooses, owls, jackals, civets, and porcupines here. Walk on various paths; it is a green lung for Noida and a shelter for wildlife.

3- Meghdootam Park

Meghdootam Park is a beautiful park. It is designated after the famous poem by Kalidasa. It is one of the most beautiful grasslands in Noida as it presets musical fountains, statues, jogging paths, and gazebos. The park has a composition of clouds and rainbows, as enlightened by the poem.

There is a large theater that organizes cultural affairs and skits. You can even find a kids’ play zone with multiple slides. There is a dense green ground and blossom bed around the park. It is a favored place for relatives, mates, and buddies to de-stress and appreciate the aura.

Meghdootam Park
Meghdootam Park

4- D-Park

D-Park offers sports installations for different games. It encircles an area of almost twelve acres. Now, it is one of the finest parks in the city for sports fans and healthiness. The park has a cricket background with floodlights and nettings. It also has a basketball tribunal, a volleyball bench, a skating rink, and a badminton court.

The park also has a gymnasium with modern equipment and trainers. The park also has a cafeteria that serves snacks and beverages. The staff charges nominal fees for utilizing its facilities. It also manages tournaments and coaching camps for various marks.

5- Modern Masti

Modern Masti is an indoor entertainment park. It offers entertaining and beautiful experiences for all years. It is located at the mall in Logix City Centre Mall. The park declares to be the largest and most profitable trampoline park in the state, with over forty trampolines that coat the floor and walls. You can leap, bounce, reverse, and fly on the trampolines or stretch other interests like zip cords, rope systems, climbing fences, and arcade plays.

It also has a play zone where you can have birthdays, anniversaries, or other celebrations with your valued ones. You can secure your tokens online or at the venue and appreciate complete access to all the interests for an hour or more. Therefore, it is a place where you can have fun with your homies and friends.

Modern Masti
Modern Masti

6- Rose Garden

Rose Garden is a scented garden of roses situated at the crossroads of Satya Marg and Shantipath in Chanakyapuri. Also it is famous as the National Indo-Africa Friendship Rose Garden. This garden was started in 2018 to celebrate the relations between India and Africa. The grassland has over forty types of roses, varying from typical pink and white ones to strange crimson and mauve roses.

Furthermore, the garden also has other blossoms and plants that count to its looks. This spot is available to the public all day. It is sustained and offers a pleasant view of the attractions. Therefore, it is where you can appreciate the smell and pleasure of roses and feel recharged.

7- Rashtriya Dalit Prerna Sthal

Rashtriya Dalit Prerna Sthal is a memorial grassland. This park is devoted to the Dalit heroes and activities. It is found near the Delhi-Noida-Delhi Flyway, covering too much land. It was authorized by the retired Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mayawati, and was inaugurated in 2011. The park includes sculptures, fountains, and playgrounds that illustrate the struggle and triumphs of the Dalit leaders and residents.

Some of the central figures are available here. The park also has a gallery showing the Dalits’ records and culture. It is open from eleven to five days and charges a minor entry fee of fifteen rupees per person. It is a site where you can learn about the social conversion and charge of the Dalits in India.

Rashtriya Dalit Prerna Sthal
Rashtriya Dalit Prerna Sthal

8- Triphala Park

Triphala Park is a park that is designated after the three healing plants that flourish here. These three plants are amla, harad, and baheda. It is one of the most overgrown parks in Noida, with various trees, blossoms, and condiments. The garden is divided into three areas, each committed to one of the Triphala plants.

The park also has a kids’ playroom with swings, slides, and a scamp ladder. It also has additional tracks for strolling and jogging and shaded areas for people to chill. There is no entry fee in the park.

9- Herbal Medicinal Park

Herbal Medicinal Park shows various species of medicinal plants. It was developed to preserve the herbal wealth of the region. It also has a wildlife trail, a lake, and a restaurant. Some plants here are neem, amla, tulsi, brahmi, and mint. It is a place where you can understand the healing strength of spirit and enjoy its looks.


If you are scrutinizing for an exciting and unique way to spend your moment in Noida, you should see the Trampoline park in Noida. It is a site where you can release your inner kid and have a shot with your relatives and buddies. Whether you like to inquire about ninja practices, direct your skillfulness on the trampoline basketball bench, or unwind in the foam pits, you will discover something to fit your mood and power level.

FAQs on Trampoline Park Noida

When is it open on weekdays, and in which time? 

It is open every day for almost seven hours. The prices also vary depending on the duration and daytime of the week.

What are the security rules and codes of this park?

It follows strict safety laws and rules to guarantee everyone a safe and satisfying adventure. You must mark a waiver document before joining the park. It would help if you did not hold any sharp things, jewelry, or additions that may induce injury.

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