Valencia is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It is a city with a rich history and tradition and a modern skyline. This spot holds a lot of charm and offers tourists and travelers many things to do and see. The city has a rich history, which can be experienced by visiting its many historical landmarks and museums. Here, all modern sides are worth exploring, with its lively nightlife and impressive architecture. Moreover, each hotel vlc makes it easy for visitors to find the perfect accommodation.

Valencia Airport
Valencia Airport

Hotel VLC and Other Valencia Hotels

Explore the top-rated hotels near Valencia Airport and make your family holiday pleasurable, exciting, and pleasant.

1- Hotel VLC Apartmentos EI Carmen

Those looking for a luxurious and comfortable stay near many vital attractions and beaches must check out the accommodations at Hotel VLC Apartmentos EI Carmen. With its hygienic and clean environment, this place provides all its guests with a comprehensive range of amenities. 

One can get their favorite meals anytime with the top three restaurants and cafes. Moreover, the safety deposit boxes and fire extinguishers assure the safety and security of all visitors. The private dining rooms maintain the privacy of one’s family, and all the guests love to have their meals with their families and loved ones. 

Hotel VLC Valencia
Hotel VLC Valencia

For exploring the different attractive places, this place provides public transport to their guests at a highly affordable rate. Besides this, couples love to visit this pet-friendly hotel due to its elegant charm and well-furnished interior. Hence, the presence of top beaches and the ocean nearby makes this place worthy of living. 

2- Port Azafata

Those looking for a relaxing holiday in the heart of Valencia should look no further than Port Azafata Hotel. Nestled amongst the old buildings and winding streets of this historic city, this hotel offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. It is just a short walk from some of the most popular attractions.

From here, all the guests can explore the city’s impressive architecture and take in all its unique historical sites. Whatever your interests, this unique hotel will have something for everyone. Besides, this stylish accommodation offers cozy rooms with a range of facilities, including free Wi-Fi, LCD TVs, satellite channels, and much more.

Port Azafata
Port Azafata

3- Hotel Aviación

Hotel Aviación is within walking distance of the city’s most important buildings. The hotel offers a variety of facilities and services, including an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and a conference room. This hotel with a pool, also has a wide range of amenities to ensure guests have everything they need during their stay.

There are several restaurants and bars, a business center, and a 24-hour reception. The hotel offers a big kitchenette and parking facilities so people can quickly drive with assured safety and security. This pet-friendly hotel also welcomes its guests with a warm welcome and greetings.

4- Manises Loft Polígono

For a comfortable, modern, and affordable stay, the guests should check out Manises Loft Polígono Hotel. Situated in the city’s trendy and vibrant Loft district, this property offers stunning views of the cityscape from every room. Additionally, all rooms come equipped with coffee and tea maker so the guests can enjoy their favorite tea any time of the day.

Manises Loft Polígono
Manises Loft Polígono

Besides this, a private terrace or garden is also perfect for relaxation. Here, all the rooms are non-smoking and provide a full wardrobe or closet facility. The availability of wheelchairs, along with lifts, is also available for all disabled guests.

5- Hotel Manises

Hotel Manises is the most popular place to visit in the area. This hotel has a stunning river view and is decorated with antique furnishings and artwork. It has 377 rooms and offers various services, including a spa, a pool, and a casino.

In addition to this, the hotel also has an excellent location, as it is close to many attractions, such as the Palau de la Música Catalana and El Corte Inglés. Moreover, washing machines allow guests to get their laundry done at any time of the day. Also, one can get hot tubs and hair dryers.

Hotel Manises
Hotel Manises

6- Hotel M5

Hotel M5 is a luxury hotel with a fantastic ambiance that provides a vast range of perks to all its guests. From top-notch rooms to delicious food and refreshing drinks, there is nothing this hotel does not offer. Guests can get exceptional room services with highly maintained safety and security standards.

Moreover, the nearest golf course allows all the visitors to play golf and have fun in their spare time. The availability of vending machines on the property makes it easy for everyone to get their favorite snacks and drinks. Also, one can get multiple kinds of massage at the hotel’s wellness center.

7- B&B Hotel

One can get spacious and comfortable guest rooms and top-rated amenities at B&B Hotel now. Not only does this hotel offer unique lodging experiences, but it also often provides better customer service than traditional hotels. This well-furnished hotel offers several breakfast options.

B & B Hotel
B & B Hotel

It can be a great way to start your day since it allows you to choose from various foods and drinks. Guests may even have complimentary afternoon tea or coffee ceremonies available. Hence, this hotel has been carefully designed to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for tourists who want to explore the area’s culture and history.

8- Casa Serra

The Casa Serra Hotel is only a few minutes from the city’s famous cathedral. The hotel has been refurbished and features 115 rooms with many facilities and a private bathroom. Here, two restaurants serve regional Spanish dishes and specialize in international cuisine.

The huge bar and a terrace with views of the city make this hotel worth living in. Here, every room is well-equipped and contains a child safety socket cover. The floors of rooms are neat and ensure a hygienic and healthy environment.

9- Holiday Inn Express

Holiday Inn Express
Holiday Inn Express

The Holiday Inn Express is perfect for tourists who want to see all the city offers without breaking the bank. It is a highly affordable and convenient place that provides many facilities to its guests. One can get well-maintained suites according to their need.

Here, the staff is friendly and accommodating. Guests love to arrange their special events with the assistance of a help desk. Moreover, the vast business center also allows working people to conduct their introductory meetings at their wish.

Final Words

There are multiple options to choose from when finding a great hotel near Valencia Airport. Whether you are looking for a pocket-friendly option or something more luxurious, there is sure to be a perfect fit. Most establishments, including VLC Hotel, are clustered in the city center, with a few located in the suburbs. However, one can find the best hotel to stay in according to their budget and requirements.

FAQs about Hotels Near Valencia, VLC Hotel

Which is the highest-rated hotel to stay in near Valencia Airport?

Several high-rated hotels in Valencia, but Holiday Inn Express received 4.5 out of 5 stars from all the visitors due to its excellent services and affordable prices.

What would be the average cost of staying in a hotel in Valencia?

Valencia is a beautiful city, and hotel prices reflect that. A room in a midrange hotel will cost around $60-$70 per night, while a luxury hotel with more facilities costs upwards of $200 per night.

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