Pattaya is a spirited city in Thailand. This city is well-known for its various interests and water sports. It has something to show if you are looking for cozy beaches, a cultural quest, or an exciting event. The most pleasing reason to visit this stunning city is its delicious food. You can eat at the Thai restaurants in Pattaya. Enjoy their spicy gravies and soups full of fresh veggies. Eat fresh seafood and a variety of salads. Therefore, order and enjoy the combination of Thai food with scenic landscapes.

Thai Restaurants in Pattaya

This article will present you with some of the finest Thai restaurants in Pattaya. Here, you can relish the savors and smells of this fantastic cooking.

1- Seaside Cafe of The Glass House

If you want a fantastic and grand dining site, visit the Seaside Cafe of The Glass House. This cafe is located on the seaside of Na Jomtien. It offers a spectacular view of the ocean and the evening. You can eat from various cuisines. It depends on your mood to choose from Thai, Asian, European, and Mediterranean food. Enjoy your order in a cozy and modern setting.

Seaside Cafe of The Glass House
Seaside Cafe of The Glass House

Moreover, this cafe also has a bakery shelf, a wine basement, and a coffee place. You can be satisfied with creamy desserts, cold drinks, and spicy snacks here. Whether you want a candlelight feast, a family dinner, or a simple lunch, this house will make your venture unusual.

2- Original Flavors at Mai Thai Cuisine

If you like the accurate Thai food dish, you should try Mai Thai Cuisine. This cafe is in the city’s center, close to the Central Festival shopping mall. You can shop and then have a classic meal at this place. You can savor the original tastes of Thai meals in a trendy and cozy aura.

Try their hot dishes or complement your edibles with unique Belgian beers and wines. They are imported mainly from the landlord’s place. You can even go to Coral Island, which is nearby. Thus, you can eat the best of both planets in this place.

3- Fine dining at Patrick’s Belgian Restaurant & Steakhouse

If you want a pleasing dining affair with Belgian specialties and Thai choices, visit Patrick’s Belgian Restaurant & Steakhouse. This cafe is located on the double road of the city, around the Royal Garden Plaza. The interior of the cafe includes a classy and refined setting.

Patrick's Belgian Restaurant & Steakhouse
Patrick’s Belgian Restaurant & Steakhouse

Treat yourself to glorious dishes like the lobster thermidor, beef tenderloin, white wine sauce mussels, and the dark chocolate mousse. Choose from a wide array of drinks and beers instantly chosen by the chef, Patrick. Therefore, this steakhouse is where you can relish the quality and flavor of Belgian cooking.

4- BBQ at the Big Fish Pattaya

If you want a full-fledged dinner with a medley of seafood and BBQ, you should go to the Big Fish Pattaya. This diner is located on the sixth floor of the Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya. It offers a dazzling view of the spots and the sea. The chefs are equipped to provide the rooftop live BBQ.

Feat on the fresh, hot, and delicious seafood and some grilled meats according to your choice. Add salads and seasonings as you like to do. You can also sip their soups after a meal. Remember to eat their desserts and drinks to pair your meal. Thus, you can have a pleasing and fun dining incident with your friends and relatives here.

5- Thai and Western Food at Malibrew Restaurant

Malibrew Restaurant is a unique place if you are looking for a casual and warm place to dine. This eatery is located on the seaside road along the Walking Street. This street is famous for its colorful walls full of anime characters. Take your meal from this cafe and roam on this street while enjoying food.

Malibrew Restaurant
Malibrew Restaurant

You can relish delectable Thai, and Western eats in a restful and relaxed aura. Grab your meal from this cafe and head to the Sanctuary of Truth, a few miles away. Thus, this cafe offers a simple, flavorful meal with superior service.

6- Fireworks Show at Suttangrak Pattaya

At Suttangrak Pattaya, you can have a breathtaking and unique dinner. The cafe along the seaside road offers a splendid view of the sea and the skyline. You can choose from a seafood buffet, including fresh and prepared seafood. Pair your seafood with side dishes.

The highlight of this cafe is the fireworks display, which occurs every evening. You can overlook the striking display of colors and rays from your table or the seaside. Thus, you can have a festive and unique dining event with your loved ones.

7- Thai flavors with the tune at Ruen Thai Restaurant

Enjoy a customary and cultural meal at the Ruen Thai Restaurant. This cafe is in the Dusit Thani Pattaya Hotel. As a tourist, you can reserve this place for staying and walking the city. After that, you can even eat at its cafe. It offers a serene and elegant environment. Savor the original flavors of Thai cuisine.

Ruen Thai Restaurant
Ruen Thai Restaurant

Enjoy your meal with live music and dances featuring the city’s classics. You can see the entertainers wearing multicolored costumes and playing instruments. Thus, it is a place to enjoy the beauty and variety of the culture.

8- Italian and local fusion at La Bocca

If you like a fusion of Italian and the city’s flavors, you must inspect La Bocca. This cafe is near the Avenue shopping mall. You can taste some tasty dishes that blend the best of both cuisines.

The dishes include spaghetti with green chili sauce, pizza with tom yum seasonings, risotto, fresh seafood, and tiramisu with coconut milk. You can even enjoy cocktails and beers with your food. It is where you can have a relaxing and fun feast with a twist.

9- Tasty meals at Yupin’s Restaurant

If you are looking for a French and European cafe with friendly and great flavor, you should see Yupin’s Restaurant. This cafe is located on the third lane close to the Soi Lengkee. The interior of the cafe is a medley of French and local culture.

Yupin's Restaurant
Yupin’s Restaurant

You can treat yourself to classic specialty dishes. It even includes local dishes with sauces and herbs. Thus, this cafe provides you with a notable portion of affordable meals.

10- Seafood at the Rimpa Lapin

Rimpa Lapin provides you with a seafood paradise with an attractive view. This cafe is near the hillside of Na Jomtien. It offers a sensational view of the sea and the cliffs if you sit on the rooftop. You can indulge in refreshed and juicy seafood.

If you carry your meal a few miles away, you will quickly locate the Na Jomtien. You can sit by the seaside and enjoy the views and the cold breeze. Thus, you can have a scenic feast with your partner at this beautiful location.

Final Thoughts

Pattaya is not solely a city of excellent food but also fantastic fun. There are a bunch of events and places that you can join here. Enjoy the cultural carnivals, shows, water sports, and nightlife. You can also dig into Pattaya’s natural looks and past, from its attractive beaches, isles, temples, and galleries. Get helpful info and tips on relishing the best Thai cafes in Pattaya. No matter your attractions, you will still have items to do in Pattaya.

FAQs on Thai Restaurants in Pattaya

What is the hygiene status in the city’s cafes?

It is usually a safe and neat city, but taking some precautions about hygiene is still advisable. You should drink boiled water, sidestep ice cubes and plain food. Always clean your hands repeatedly, and apply insect repellent. You should consult a doctor or clinic for health problems or issues.

What are the upcoming occasions and carnivals near the cafes?

Pattaya has a vibrant and diverse occasion calendar where you can encounter something. Senior Holidays Sicilian is an 8-day journey to relish this Mediterranean island, food, and beer. Thailand Golf Trip is a golfing stay where you can play and eat fusion food at night.

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