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6 Essential Features of an Outstanding Carry-On Travel Backpack

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When it comes to efficient and stress-free travel, choosing the right carry-on travel backpack can make all the difference. Beyond just being a convenient way to carry your belongings, a well-designed travel backpack can enhance your travel experience by offering a range of practical features.

Let’s dive into the six important features that every great carry-on travel backpack should have.

Ergonomic and Well-Ventilated Back Panel

If you’re planning to wear your backpack on your back for a long time, it’s essential to have a back panel that’s comfortable and lets air circulate. The padded, shaped back serves two purposes:

  • It spreads the weight of the backpack evenly across your back.
  • It lets air flow through to prevent your back from getting sweaty.

Besides hip belts, load lifters, and the internal frame, a well-designed back panel is crucial to make sure the weight sits comfortably.

A back panel made from breathable material and padded foam creates small air gaps between the backpack and your back. This helps air move around, keeping your back cooler.

You might not think it’s a big deal at first. But as you wear your backpack for more than 20 minutes, you’ll really notice the difference.

Expansion Capability

When you’re traveling with just one backpack, having the ability to expand it can be super handy. Imagine you’re exploring new places, and you pick up a few things along the way – it’s natural! Even though using a backpack usually means packing light, sometimes it’s hard to stick to that completely.

So, how do you fit those new things into your backpack when it’s already full? Well, many backpacks nowadays have something called an expansion zipper. This zipper lets you make your backpack a bit bigger, like 10-20% bigger.

That extra space comes in really useful when you want to pack all the new stuff you bought during your trip. But remember, when you start your journey, it’s a good idea not to use the expansion – just pack your backpack like usual.

Underseat Feature

Optimizing space on an airplane can be tricky, especially if you’re not a fan of overhead compartments. A carry-on backpack that fits under the seat is a fantastic solution to this travel problem. These backpacks are designed to fit snugly under the seat in front of you, providing easy access to your belongings throughout the flight.

Tortuga notes that this is particularly helpful for items you might need during the journey, like books, snacks, or your travel essentials pouch.

Great Fabric

The material your backpack is made of is really important because it decides how strong and long-lasting your backpack will be. Backpacks go through a lot of tough stuff – they’re pulled on and off your back, tossed onto conveyor belts, squished into plane bins, and more. Even a little scratch from something sharp or another bag can rip your backpack’s material. Imagine being stuck with a torn backpack while you’re out and about – not fun at all!

There are two main things to think about when checking out the backpack material. First, it’s the thickness, which is measured in something called Denier. So, a backpack with 1000D is way thicker than one with 200D. Then there’s the type of material.

Most backpacks today are made from some kind of nylon. You might hear cool names like Ripstop Nylon, Ballistic Nylon, Cordura Nylon, and even Sailcloth.

  • Ripstop nylon is light and thin. But it’s woven in a way that stops small rips from getting bigger.
  • Ballistic nylon is super tough and can handle a lot, but it’s also heavier. It’s woven really tight for maximum strength.
  • Cordura nylon is kind of in the middle – not as light as Ripstop, not as heavy as Ballistic. It’s got good strength against scrapes and is really popular for travel backpacks now.
  • Sailcloth is used for ship sails, as you can guess. It’s thin, light, and really good with water. But it’s not as tough against scrapes as Ballistic or Cordura, so not many backpacks use it.

Stowable Straps

The straps on your backpack, like the ones for your shoulders and hips, are really important. But they can easily get damaged when your bag goes through conveyor belts or gets tossed around at the airport. The buckles and belts can also get caught on things and break.

So, what’s the fix? Well, many travel backpacks have a cool solution. You can actually hide these straps so they’re not hanging out. Most backpacks let you either tuck the shoulder straps and hip belt into a pocket at the back or you can cover the whole strap system with a zipper.

When you do this, your backpack turns into something like a suitcase. This is super helpful when you’re getting on a plane with your backpack as your carry-on. It’s much easier to move around in a crowded plane with your bag in your hand instead of on your back.

Backpack Aesthetics

While it’s really important that your backpack works well, how it looks matters too. After all, your backpack shows off your personal style. Travel backpacks come in lots of different shapes and colors. Some are square and look a bit like suitcases, while others have rounder edges. Some might seem a bit wrinkly on your back unless they’re filled up, but others keep their shape even if they’re not full.

If you want your backpack to look professional and you’ll often carry it like a suitcase, pick one with a neutral color. Also, make sure it has strong handles you can grab and that the backpack straps can be hidden away. On the other hand, if you’re planning to take your backpack out into nature, you might like brighter colors that stand out.


The carry-on backpack you choose can greatly impact your travel experience. Beyond the obvious factors like size and storage capacity, paying attention to often unnoticed details can lead to a more comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable journey. So, before your next adventure, take the time to consider these often overlooked factors and find a backpack that suits your needs and reflects your personality.

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